I know life's a bummer baby, but that's got precious little to do with me

I was inspired by playing with fire’s style, especially how she wears polkadotted tights in sandals with seemingly simple but actually quite intricate looks, so I tried her on for size! I started with this skirt, before I realized I was being inspired. I just wanted to wear this cheapass h&m skirt: I had been looking for a flowy, light colored, short, high waisted skirt and I found this one at h&m, cost like 10 euros or something: too good to pass up on. I had this vision in my mind of wearing it with polkadotted tights since the weather has been stinky enough to have to wear tights again. And then the conundrum began: dark top to match the tights, or light top to match the skirt?
 dress worn as top: altered zara dress
skirt, tights: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

As you can see, I settled on a bit of both: a black top with tiny white polkadots all over. And you can’t really see it in the bigger pictures, but the skirt has a really fine light blue striped print so I was printmix central again. Normally I would’ve just put some black ankleboots with this outfit, but this is where I realized that the entire look kind of maybe possible sort of made me think of playingwithfire’s style. And somehow, it felt right to put these dusty pink wedges with it to hightlight the cuteness and femininity of the look and to add some quirk.
 source: playingwithfire

That girl is all about her dusty pinks and I adore it. A very light, almost skintone shade of pink is really an “it” color if you ask me: both soft and edgy, a neutral with some vibrancy. And it doesn’t look good on me, so I just use it to accesorize! I already bought this beige-pinkish bag at Pimkie and I realllllly want shoes like these:
bottom left
 on Sienna
It just looks so nice :(
And there you have it u guyzzzzzzzz


  1. I adore her style too. And I DO like this light rosè too but as you said "It don't look good at me" either :-(
    Maybe add some stuff like a headband or braceletts in the colour of your shoes?!

  2. Only problem is that I don't want it to become too "girly". If you stack loads of accessories in that color, it becomes so matchy matchy and maybe too sweet?

  3. I dont mind the "girly| aspect of these colours they just wash me out too much. It would not be as bad if I was back home in Australia and had a tan!! :D

    I think your look with the tights and sandals really works. But then everyday you make it look effortless! I think you inspire lots of people too you know! :D

  4. You are the sweetest kim! I always wonder if these gorgeous girls like Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl and Rumi from Fashion Toast also find their own style "ok but not amazing" :D

  5. You are just so freaking adorable and this outfit works so well on you! I love the angle of the shoe shot looking down and how coy you look with your kitty! You are just so cool. I also wanted to let you know that your comment about me and chictopia meant a whole lot to me. More than you know. It was very sweet of you. You are such a sweet, beautiful and thoughtful woman.

  6. Just had to say I love your chubby cat! I want to squish him! (in a good way of course!)