Pumpkin Head

 blouse, bustier, skirt, hat: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

This spring, I’m into 5 things: white+blue, dresses (surprise!), a vintage feel, boater hats and crisp white blouses with simple, cute skirts. This look combines all 5! I love how airy the skirt and blouse feel when the weather is hot, and when the weather gets even hotter, I just take off my blouse, hike up my skirt a little more et voila, combined with my bustier-bra, it looks just like a dress! The perfect layered outfit for days that start a bit chilly and get hot hot heat in the afternoon! The boater hat gives this really sweet look a bit of an edge, and the whole combination reminds me of Diane Kruger and her casual chic style is really inspiring to me. I love that the boater hat can make an outfit look more retro/more sweet on one hand, but also a bit more edgy and androgynous on the other! I guess we can officially declare that I’m out of my fashion funk! :D I’m totally inspired and have several outfits planned out in my head: yeay!


  1. That hat looks gorgeous!! :D It works wonderfully with your hair, I think it is your hair colour and the trim of the hat that work so well... FAB!!

    That is my kind of skirt Annebeth but I could never wear with a bustier like you have! You have made both pieces rock! :D

    Sun is out, going for a walk.. summer might just be here!! Have a great weekend :D

  2. I don't think I'd wear the bustier out like that, maybe just a bit too undressed for me :D thank you! I loooove the boater hat too, esp the trim indeed! gives it a harder edge imo. Thanks kim! enjoy your walk! my bf and me are going tomorrow too, I think :D

  3. I love this pictures. They have a little romantic pin up touch I think and this colours look fab together with your hair and skin!
    Don't worry because the bustier. It looks really sweet! Maybe you could add a white bolero to dress a little more ^^

  4. I would definitely wear it with a bolero or a jacket, but that would defeat the purpose of keeping cool! :D dillemas, hahahaa

    thanks sassy!

  5. Anne, this is such a pretty sweet summer outfit!!!! love every item here...especially that boater hat and bustier! you actually look hot in the bustier number. :)