Like a satellite I'm in orbit all the way around you

 dress, jacket, shoes: h&m

Whenever I wear sneakers, I feel like I've totally dressed for comfort or a day of walking. Feels so weird that once upon a time, I used to wear sneakers every day, like most teenage girls. When you look back, you can’t help but wonder how you got by with such limited clothing options: sneakers hardly go with everything. And I don’t know how your highschool was, but at my school; people would look at you funny if you’d show up in heels, boots or sandals. So sneakers it was, up until I reached my “punk” period.
Thank god I tore myself loose from other people’s expectations. I so love being able to wear whatever the hell I want.
Did anyone watch Eurovision last night? Who were your favorites? Did you agree about the winner? I thought Lena was adorable, had a cool tattoo and just seemed like a cool chick all over.

I didn’t mind her winning. I was rooting for Romania because that song is just catchy as hell and amazingly written.

And Belgium has never ended so high in the ranking so even though I thought the song was lame, I was quite proud!
Lady Gaga should totally partake in Eurovision, she’d rock it’s socks off, haha

And I’d just like to thank you all for all your sweet comments! I always read all of them and they make me feel so happy! So to all those who read/follow my blog but don't comment: please do! I treasure every comment I get and I'd love to hear more from you guys!

Ps sorry about touching my hair in almost every single picture. And I hope you enjoy my silly jumping pic!


  1. I didn't have to say that I totally agree with the decision last night.
    I loved Lena until the very first time I saw her on the pre casting for Oslo. Her album is really a little Kate Nash mixed with some jazz sounds!
    Like to see you wearing sneakers because I feel always a little dumb to wear mine. I always think sneakers are no shoes for woman. Because every stylish persons always wear heels or so.

  2. Don't worry about that! sneakers can be cute too, I just feel like they don't always look good with my personal style. Not un-stylish at all!

    I do agree that she sounds like Kate Nash, and a bit like Emiliana Torrini.

  3. Ooooh die laatste foto is zó leuk! =D
    Poseren en springen gaan meestal niet samen, maar het is je gelukt! xD

    én stiekem vind ik dat de sneakers je wel goed staan ^^
    Maar ik begrijp dat middelbaar gedoe waar je het over hebt en ben blij dat ik nu op de unif zit, want hoe je het ook draait of keert: in het middelbaar straft bijna iedereen je af omdat je een eigen stijl hebt... Nu ontplooi ik pas echt en draag ik wat ik wil zonder al die scheve blikken! =D


  4. Oh maar ik haat twilight ook hoor! =D
    Ik moet wel eerlijk toegeven dat 'the vampire diaries' verslavend zijn =p

  5. hi.. i love ur blog and ur look today...
    floral + jeans jacket + sneakers = cool
    something that i will wear to it!! :)

  6. I think those sneakers work with the jacket and together they make the look work fab!

    If you like Kate Nash and Emiliana (both of who I love!) then check out Missy Higgings from Australia! :D

  7. I don't love them, Kate Nash is OK but Emiliana is a bit too cutesy for me :D

  8. haha but thanks for the tip and thanks for the compliment! :D

  9. Have a listen to Missy, less cutesy! ;)

  10. I do really love that accent, and it has more of a nineties sound than those hipper girls, it is quite nice!

  11. Accent... what accent! ;) :D

    Who do you like Annebeth? I have discovered more new artists by asking that question of my friends than any other way, so I am interested! :D

    I have thing for female vocals, some of my faves are Heather Nova, Beth Orton, Tracey Thorn (Everything but the Girl)And a bunch of Aussies, Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, Clare Bowditch and a little more "bubble gummy" Amiel.

    I have another list that is more "pop" mainstream but they are not the same as those girls.

    And you already know where I stand on Gaga.. Paws up!! :D

  12. i know exactly how you feel about your school looking at you funny if you wore anything but sneakers or flipflops. i HATED it! my school was so weird and not stylish. but you look absolutely amazing and i cant wait to find some amazing Keds or something similar to yours so i can wear sneakers with my floral dresses!! it's so cute :)


  13. Oh but my taste is quite alternative, hahaha

    I love The Music, System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age, Monster Magnet, The Gorillaz, Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, The Zombies, MGMT, ...

    When it comes to pop music, I'm an omnivore :D if it sounds good, I like it!

  14. Lyndsey: I definitely think that sneakers would look cute on you with dresses! I love that look on girls with gorgeous smiles and you, my girl, have a gorgeous smile! :D

  15. this is so cute!!! :D love your summer style! :D

  16. this is so cute!!! :D love your summer style! :D

  17. Oh wow! imagine my surprise when I saw this post. Puts a huge smile on my face! This year they are competing again - their new song is called "Miracle" - if u want to check it out - here it is :

  18. not a bad song at all! very catchy, but I still prefer their previous song :D