Almost Famous

 dress, necklace: h&m
vest: zara
boots: new look
belt: pimkie

Everyone who knows me a bit knows that I am a huge fan of the movie Almost Famous. I probably wrote about it before. Anyway, this is THE feel good movie for me, and coming of age films are always a bit special because you can relate to so many of the little struggles of the protagonists. But Almost Famous isn’t just greatly written, it’s also a visual experience: the costuuuuumes! I love love loved the bandaids and how they looked, those hot seventies minxes that were still just girls having fun and following their dreams. There was an innocence in their styling, mixed with raw sexualism, which kind of really represents the mixed feeling of the times as well: free love and idealistic youngsters. The coming of age of the characters kind of coincided with the coming of age of the times, going from the sixties “when it was all happening” to the seventies, when oil crisis etc hit the world. Haha but maybe I’m reading too much into it. The images speak for themselves, and that rocker-hippie-chic look hasn’t ceased to inspire me since.
(fave look and scene)

Anyway, this is one of those outfits that was inspired by the whole seventies rocker idea. I’d imagine wearing this for a night of performing or just looking at my boyfriend perform. And for a day on the tourbus, I’d just put flat, cowboy style boots with it. I like how this looks a bit retro, but not too much. Paisley prints and headbands etc would’ve made it too “full on replica”, no? This is still quite modern.
Do you have a certain era/movie that inspires you? Or does your sense of style just come from within?


  1. What a great movie... the other one that always I put in the same category is The Doors and how great Meg Ryan was in it, I loved her costumes and look/vibe of the era.

    Your mention of the tour bus Annebeth had me off down some daydreaming path (away from work) of a bus full of people, the rock group, happy and happy to be on the road, the weather being warm but not hot, the windows open driving in some open farmland. Music playing, and not a single care in the world, not one not even some some thought that was not about the moment and the people on the bus! Sigh! :D

    Your description and comment was 100% spot on (clearly I agree!! :D ) and a wonderful piece of writing. Don't you dare ever ever say your English is not PERFECT again!

    Your right on with your outfit, a change of boots and you would be on the bus for sure! :D

    Fun post Annebeth, some great images you put in it too... if you sort out the bus, come and pick me up, I will be a good groupie!!! :D

  2. hahaha deal and thanks so much! Compliments on my writing mean so much to me :) your description totally sings to me too: I can almost smell the countryside and feel the slight breeze in my hair and on my face... WHY DOES THE WEATHER SUCK SO MUCH :D I loved The Doors too!

    I am the lizard king, I can do anything

  3. Wow this has been a very good inspiration board! And your necklace makes your outfit even more chic! I loved that! I didn't watch the movie but I'm writing it down :)

  4. “I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.”

    That slight breeze you mention... its the one where if you are traveling a little slow its just on the edge of hot and the moment you get a little speed up its cool... like diving in the sea :D Oh yes why am I at work today!!

    You know that comment on your writing was about the both the style and the substance right?, it was not just about you writing in good English!! :D

  5. yes yes I understand, haha :D

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  7. Good!! :D

    What time are you due here with the bus?? :D


  8. Lovely pictures. And I'm so jalous of your fake fur vest...ahhh I could die ..haha. :-)
    Also like the hippie theme you add! I'm a little flower child inside to! Love the look as well as the music.
    Maybe you have some minutes left to check out my blog: Would be great!

  9. I'll definitely check it out! :)

    kim; whenever I learn to play the guitar :D

  10. wow, amazing outfit! you look really fab! very inspiring post!

  11. yo,
    i liked the hippie girly style in the doors movie too.
    and what pops into my head right now is the movie 'in the mood for love', not exactly what you'd expect from me, but i actually really like the punctual feminin silhouettes created through those tight little knee-dresses.. with rich colours and beautiful prints.. but that style is just not translating into my daily life style, since i'm living in a dump and since, when i do go out, i go to dirty parties instead of having in the mood for love-nights at sexy hotel rooms and fancy restaurants or clubs... i think it's because i haven't found the right man to do stuff like that with or dress like that in his presence. you know what i mean, a smartass academic that's right :P how sad!

  12. DUDE i only read this entry but i already decided to follow your blog. LOVED IT! besides that movie is really special for me too, it brings me back to other times, times that i personally havent lived, like the 70s, its really nostalgic, its great.

    and i also love the bandaid look. great job writting about it!