Last dance with Mary Jane

I suddenly felt the craving to wear a maxi dress with sleeves. Since maxi dresses are almost exclusively associated with summer around here, all maxi’s have spaghetti straps or no straps at all, and that makes me sad (haha). Because maxi dresses with sleeves make a look a little less carefree hipster and a little more seventies elegance.
 dress: new look
shoes: h&m
tights, jacket, necklace, snake ring: pimkie
flower ring: Alex Monroe

I bought this dress last year because I loved the print and ofcourse its sleeves. My only concern was the color: light blue doesn’t really do anything for me, but since it isn’t hideous either I just ignored this fact. It’s quite the statement dress without being in your face, and it is the perfect dress for chilly spring days when you are sick and tired of having to wear warm tights everyday. Longer skirts equals more warmth, so I could even get away with open shoes!
The leather jacket was the perfect way to modernize the maxi and to make the look a bit more “street”.
By the way: do you see that sun? Ohyeah, we got like 10 minutes of sun yesterday. WIN
Oh and I found a new way to wear my three flower ring: with my snake ring! DOUBLE WIN

PS there is a spidernest in our backyard. Is it weird that I think tiny spiderbabies are cute?


  1. Fab idea of those tights and that dress!! I would never have thought about that! The entire looks works with that cool jacket too!! Love it!! :D

    And the rings look great together!!

  2. I love the maxi dress with sleeves! So elegant! Also, wearing it with lace tights is such a great idea. You could also drape them hem with safety pins since there's so much fabric and it would be a whole new elegant look. Also, that is wonderful you love spider babies but spiders and I are not on good terms. But if I do find them in the house they are under a glass jar and flung outside.

  3. Kim: thanks! I once saw a picture on google of a printed maxi worn with patterned lace tights and peeptoes and that image kind of stuck in my mind :D

    Mitzi: I thought of that draping thing as well! But I was too lazy, haha :D And thank god you just fling them outside, killing them because they are creepy is so mean :( thanks!

  4. I'm so jealous of this Pimkie store you keep mentioning haha! Still loving that jacket, I'd get one in black and one in brown too if I could!! :)

  5. I almost lost my dinner when I saw those spider babies, so I refuse to scroll back up. From what I remember, I love your dress, it is kind of weird not seeing your lovely legs LOL. And the spider looks fantastic slithering around the flowers :)

  6. Hey thanks for your reply :)

    I remember going to pimpkie lots of times.. somehow I never bought anything there and I see you got lots of cool stuff from there :)

    I wonder if there's a minimum height to fit into one of those maxi dresses without looking like a dwarf ahahhaha I mean it for me.. I'm petite(?) 1.63 mts.. I always find maxi dresses longer than my height; impossible to wear without altering them.

    +10 chic points for that outift :)

  7. @ fashion shop: why thank you! :D

    @ summertime dreams: haha yeah I got lots of stuff from them since I worked there for a whole year. It's one of those shops that used to have really tacky stuff but has gotten better and better to the point that they really can compete with the likes of h&m etc :)

    @ megan: hahahaha I'm so sorry, but just think of the spider babies as really tiny dots! or baby ladybugs or something, when they're that small you can hardly tell the difference :D thanks!

    @ chio: like I told summertime dreams: their stuff used to be really tacky up until like a year ago when they started upping their game! maybe that's why you didn't buy anything :D
    and about the maxi: I don't really feel like you should be any minimum height to buy them, to me it feels like that whole "you'll look TINY" thing is BS invented by sales assistants and magazines who always want stupid rules to guide fashion. The olsens, rachel bilson and nicole richie are all tiny as hell and they rock a maxi dress, so don't feel limited by your height or lack thereof! :D And if the dress is too long: either buy one in jersey because you can just cut it off without having to hem it, or wear wedges with it :) in my experience, most maxi's just reach the ground when I don't wear shoes so they are a bit on the short side when I wear heels with them, you won't have that issue! :D

  8. I love the dress, It defintely makes you look so carefree and peaceful. And oh wow, a spider nest, strangely I think theyre kinda cute too.