Karma Police

I’m kind of in this fashion funk right now: I don’t feel inspired by anything and my clothes feel so boring. Let’s hope that it’s just because of the stress or because I’m getting sick or something. Thank god I’m such an easy dresser: through a bright little dress on et voila, done for the day. Doesn’t it bore you guys? I wish I was a little more interesting :D

 dress: mango
shoes: h&m
blazer: pimkie
glasses: claire's

My brother has been writing a film-script since like FOREVER and I had always been part of the process, helping him with ideas etc and now it’s finally nearing the final draft! I’m so excited, if it gets made it might be such an awesome movie! If I play it in my head it is already awesome, hahaha
It’s kind of a coming of age movie with zombies. My brother and I have always loved campy horrormovies and coming of age stories are pretty much the best and most touching stories of them all (way more moving than romantic drama), so this should be awesome.
How was your thursday?


  1. See it seems that every dress you try on looks fab!!! Love this one, I really like the little bit of trim around the bottom I also like the neckline.

    Would also look fab with yesterdays boots!! :)

    So lost boys meets dawn of the dead!!! ;) :D

    Lady Gaga for the music! :D

  2. haha I was going to wear this dress yesterday with those boots but somehow I prefered the moody colors of yesterday's dress with the grey boots! thank you :D

  3. Still jealous over those shoes.
    Dress looks lovely on you as well!

  4. In NO POSSIBLE WAY are you boring. EVER! You inspire me every day doll. You have such amazing taste and you're such a sweetie pie! You look great and I hope your drab feeling goes away, it doesn't suit the happy and glamourous girl you are! ;)

  5. Lyndsey you really are a ray of sunshine, thanks so much! I'm totally flattered :D

  6. I really love this outfit. Very pretty.