I need a fix 'cause I'm going down

The weather is lovely, I’m cramming for my exams and I’m hungry. I don’t have much more to tell you guys and I REALLY don’t have the TIME to tell you guys :D

dress: pimkie
belt: vintage
boots: new look
ring: Alex Monroe

I love these boots I got at new look in the sales though: soooooooo comfy. And perfect for when you are in a nineties mood with cute floral dresses. Oh, and I’m happy my hair is growing out nicely, I can push my bangs behind my ears! It has been YEARS since I was able to do that.

Sorry I’m being so lame :D


  1. i love your boots. such a cute '90s look.

  2. Lovely dress. Also know the good feeling when you could put your bang behind the ears. I always try new haircuts and I'm always very happy when this time had come. :-)

  3. Cute boots!!! And yes very 90's!!!

    And yep your hair is looking really cool! :D

  4. thanks girls! :D you really are so sweet :)

  5. wild sweet n cool! absolutely awsome! the last pic of you fighting the boots rocks. now i regret ot buying them too :D how much were they again? kisskiss x

  6. 30 or 35 euros, don't remember exactly! You totally should've bought them :D

  7. your dress is so cute and feminine! I don't remember seeing it on chictopia.