I am the muffin the man

 dress: mango
shoes, hat: h&m

Here’s the dress I have raved about a while ago! It really is THE perfect summer dress (haha I know I say this like, every day), really lightweight linnen/cotton mix, white but with stripes to keep it from being too boring and to give the look a slight menswear vibe, a CUT-OUT!!!!! to keep my back fresh and sweatless in the heat, a wide skirt that has enough structure as to not blow up and show my bum whenever there’s a slight breeze (seriously, how do you girls get around skirts that blow up? Do you wear shorts underneath?), a simple but flattering cut and a silhouette that reminds me of St Tropez. Again, a line I’ve used a couple of times now but I really feel like wearing St Tropez-ish outfits this summer! A bit retro, a bit chic and dressed-up, a bit casual and very Diane Kruger on a holiday :D I’ve just realized that she is like, my ultimate Style Icon.

 I could go on and on, there is not a single outfit of hers that I wouldn't wear. And she does EVERYTHING herself! Hair, make up, outfits: she is a true style icon.

She always looks cute and fun, but it’s never too casual or too trendy, or too accessorized! She actually has quite a simple style, but she always looks immaculate. And fun and cute :D
Anyway, hope you like this look! I adore the dress like I said, and I’m also totally into hats this summer. Is it silly of me to tell you almost exactly what I’m going to be wearing the next couple of months? Will you get bored? Don’t worry, I’m fickle as hell so for all we know I’ll be totally into biker-chic next week :D
love y’all! Now I’m going to study my ass off!

I leave you with a song.

used to be a childhoodfavorite of mine and I had forgotten all about it up until yesterday!


  1. i love your dress! it reminds me of the dresses i used to wear as a kid with the triangle cut out in the back. it looks like the perfect dress for summer. and your espadrilles look so pretty with it! love your whole look. very fresh. and i can't believe that your brother lives in arkansas?!?! such a small world. we're like 5 hours apart but still. so close!

  2. If I ever visit my brother there I'll visit you, hahaha :D thanks!!

  3. I really love the dress, it is perfectly you and you look fabulous in it!! The little tie up sandals are so precious, I've been looking for a pair like that! As for wearing dresses in the summer that may blow upwards, I just make sure I'm wearing pretty underwear :)

    I didn't realize Diane Kruger did everything herself, she is spectacular. It is hard to believe she is only a year younger than me, I strive to look even half as good as her in my mid 30's!!

  4. Oh honey I had no idea you were already in your mid 30's and believe me: you don't look a day older than 26 or something, just like Diane Kruger! I hope I'll be as hot as you guys when I reach that age! :D