I blew up your body but you blew my mind

 dress: mango
cardi: zara
boots: sacha
necklace, belt: pimkie
bracelet: COS

This dress is from mango and I absolutely love almost every dress they have in their store right now, but the asymmetrical ones with one sleeve really don’t flatter me, sadly. I love them so much though :( They also have lots of gorgeous light white sundresses so go check it out if you still need a summerdress!
You guys already know these boots, this will probably be one of the last times I can wear them until next fall/winter. I kind of really dig them with summer dresses and bare legs but I think I’d feel too self-conscious to wear this look out on the street on my own.. I always feel more daring when I’m out with friends or my boyfriend, but all on my own I don’t want to look TOO sexy. I don’t mind drawing attention but not the wrong kind of attention :D Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this looks slutty at all, but a lot of people probably would… Oh well, I did wear this outfit with my flat over the knee boots to go to the mall so maybe I’ll muster up the courage to wear it like this out as well!: it’s so pretty! Why not?
What do you guys think? Would you wear it out? Would you change some details? Do you think I’m a pussy for overthinking this too much?

Btw chictopia's new layout sucks ass

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  1. Wow, girl you are so talented in accessorizing things! The simple belt plus bracelet and necklace make this dress look so cool and edgy!

  2. Had a sneak peek at your post just as we were racing out the door for some food shopping (BBQ again should you wish to come!! :D) I love it!! :D

    I understand how you feel about the wrong kind of attention when you are on your own. We have loads of building in our street and walking down it some days feels like you are running the gauntlet with all the builders!

    I dont think what you are wearing falls into the slutty category at all either, I would wear it out for sure, and I think you look fab and its a great spring evening look!! :D

    Go for it!! :D

  3. i am constantly jealous of your beautiful dresses! i love this one. the color is so pretty on you. and you should totally wear it like this!! you look fabulous!

  4. Thanks girls!

    badtastetoast: thank you! I always try to make a dress my own by accessorizing :)

    kim: why don't you live a bit closer? :D we could go shopping and cooking together!

    amanda: thanks so much! I'm in constant envy with how awesomely vintage your entire look is! you really have your signature style that suits you so well :)

  5. I think with the cheery florals and ruffles of the dress, the boots just add an edge, not promiscuity. Now maybe if you were wearing a bandage dress, that would be a different story! That is what I love about your style, you can add a few accessories and fab shoes to a adorable dress and make it look super foxy.

  6. that is so sweet! thank you! :D I wouldn't wear a bandage dress with slutty shoes, it's just too obvious to do that, not interesting.

  7. I think it is gorgeous. Not slutty. Just perfectly pretty and feminine!

    I was thinking the other day about the "wrong kind of male attention" when I thought, what's the difference between the wrong kind and the right kind? The answer: how cute the fellow is who is giving you the attention! Oh, I think this makes me shallow. ;-)

    But uh, you look beautiful. I say WEAR IT! The dress is awesome and the boots make it!

  8. haha no it's the way the attention is given, it should be a bit polite and maybe a bit cheeky, but not sleazy! :D It shouldn't make you feel dirty or self conscious. Thanks!

  9. I love colorful dresses with all black accessories! I think the boots look great.

  10. Think this is perfect. Love the dress and the boots really change the look. I would definitely wear it like this (if I had the legs for it like you do).