Two things for you today: outfit and fireworks!

First things first: no, the weather hasn't magically improved, this outfit is from some days ago when the weather was surprisingly unsucky for a few hours. It's nice to look at some REAL summery pics just to lighten the mood. I'm pretty sure that everyone in Belgium is depressed because of the weather right now, I wish I had the money to book a last minute to the sun :( ANYWAY, on to the outfit: garden collection H&M shorts, crop top, simple sandals and a boater.

Simple, comfy and sort of androgynous. I could totally see a french boy on the seaside wearing something similar :-) This is about as masculine as I get!

Now onto the fireworks! The 11st of July is our Flemish regional holiday, and my town always celebrates that event with fireworks right in front of my house, so it's become a bit of a tradition to watch the celebrations from our bedroom window. I took some pics with you to share the splendor! The pics could've been better because the wind was blowing all the smoke towards us which distorted the light effects, but I still like the vibrancy of the colors :-)

Unfortunately, my poor cats hate fireworks. This year was the first time we had our smallest kitty, Dropje (Liquorice) during the festivities, and this was its reaction to the loud booms:

Poor kitty! The big ones all just disappear for hours in nooks and crannies of our house until the coast is clear. Don't worry kittens, it won't get this bad for another year! :-D

top: altered H&M
shorts: H&M garden collection
sandals, boater: H&M (I sense a theme today)
straw bag: Pimkie

PS: almost forgot to tell you guys! Forever21 is opening its Brussels doors the 30th of July, and wants to see all you stylish people there of course :-) First 500 get gorgeous gifts and I'm pretty sure you guys can't wait to browse the goods, so get your ass over there!!


  1. I lov the fireworks pictures, been a long time that I've seen fireworks!
    I think that they end the Gentse Feesten with some sparks!


  2. those shorts are soo cute :)


  3. Amazing outfit and aww poor cat! but i luv fireworks and those are some nice images!

  4. Looove this outfit! Its fun seeing you in shorts! :D
    And awww, your poor kitty, haha, I don't really care for the loudness either but they are sooo perdy :D

  5. super cute! ik krijg echt zo'n safari gevoel

  6. Your outfits are killing me lately, lady! Everything is just spot-on. I'm loving the little crop top paired with the boater, and how great is that straw bag! Your firework photos are lovely as well, and my cat is equally terrified of fireworks. I have some teenage neighbors who set off fireworks on and off through the summer, and my poor kitty always runs under my bed at the first boom. Poor thing!

  7. cute bag
    love forever 21


  8. This is such a cute outfit!! I love the french feeling of this look, that cropped t is so great with those high waisted shorts.
    My dogs are soo afraid of fireworks too. They hide and whine and freak out

  9. Haha, love the H&M theme you have here. Aww, I feel so bad for your kitty. Lately, I've just been dying to have a kitten of my own...but I guess I have to wait till after I graduate from college. Darn those dorms which won't let us keep pets.


  10. you hardly ever wear shorts but you totally should, they look amazing on you!!! i love this pair especially :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. You look so absolutely beautiful.
    The weather's been awful on my end as well. :/
    I'm looking back at photos of nice weather with a sigh.

  12. Sorry to hear its so damn cold and rainy still. At least you have these pics to look back on:)

  13. This outfit is super cool! I love the cropped top...it looks really cute on you, and I like how it shows off the top of the shorts. That photo of Dropje is so pathetic. I can just hear him mewing!

  14. This is soo cute! :)


  15. aaah those shorts are too great, I love the outfit!


  16. Ik vind de sandaaltjes geweldig! xx

  17. Ik vind je shirt en hoedje echt geweldig. Super leuke outfit!
    En zo zielig van je katten, verwen ze maar goed haha.


  18. yep, it is like: oh god the weather is like good for 3 hours today, yippie! we are not talking about days, but about hours! love the combination of the hight waist and the short tee! i definitely should try a short oversized tee, but i don't feel comfortable in it! you look perfect for a day in the hot city! (yes we can dream). your cat really looks scared! anyway, happy 21 of july!

  19. Such a cute summer look. I wish we would have more days to wear such outfits because here in Eastern Germany the weather isn't summer like at all.

  20. Supertoffe outfit :) casual Annebeth style, I like!

  21. The fireworks look like so much fun!! I have kitties too and they also get scared of fireworks... hehe what a coincidence. You look super cute in this outfit btw!


  22. I love this outfit so much that I want it! I'm really into the sort of androgynous look and hats. Perfection...again :P

    xxx Irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

  23. Your outfit is so perfectly summery, especially with the striped shirt and boater. Sorry to hear that the weather is not so good now! And loving the fireworks- they are synonymous with summer for me. xx

  24. Kan eindelijk weer reaties achterlaten meid! Alles goed met je?
    Supermooie top & short! Passen leuk bij elkaar! xx

  25. Your outfits always seem amazingly perfect. I can never fault them! The stripes look wonderful with all the browns!

  26. Wow, great outfit!! Totally love it! The hat looks soo cute on you!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  27. I love how cute this simple summer outfit is. The striped crop top is awesome with those shorts. I adore your hat too. I want one like it!


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