Summer Finn Spring

I felt so sweet and girly in this outfit, and very Summer Finn! She has got to be one of the most inspirational moviecharacters of recent years, stylewise. I love her modesty, her class, her girly vibe and her vintage feel.

How can you not love this chick? And THIS:

I wish MY days at the beach looked like this, in soft sepia tones and with me in retro onepieces, frolicking around with a cool ball. OK the ball isn't exactly a necessity, but it looks pretty cool.

Anyway, I loved my outfit, AND the fact it was bare legs weather!! It has been like half a YEAR since my legs had been out and about without layers of socks, tights, pants, boots and legwarmers, sometimes all at the same time. I FEEL SO LIBERATED!

Today was colder, but still very springy. I had fun today: I got followed around by a Portuguese guy who seemed to have a bit of a crush on me. He finally mustered up the courage to talk to me after a while and he was absolutely adorable, stumbling over his words and muttering something about him being very nervous: so cute! He asked me if  I was English (because I looked so "international": he loved my outfit - wth, I thought I was a man-repeller!) and if he could walk me to my class, and I told him he was adorable but that I have a boyfriend, and he was very sweet about it, telling me he had enjoyed our little chat nonetheless. Now, that was a very flattering start to my day. After class I started handing out flyers to the River Island event with some of my friends and had lots of fun doing that too.

For all you Belgian (and Dutch) students reading this: come on over! Print out this flyer, or rsvp to the eventpage I created on facebook! I'm totally excited about this party, lots of my friends are coming so I'm sure it will be super fun.

blouse: H&M
skirt: Zara (TRF)
bag: Zara
flats: River Island
belt: boyfriend's
sunglasses: claire's
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. I knew that skirt was Zara! I have been eyeing jean skirts like it and they never ever have my size! I just love the length of it, so pretty! I love this outfit with the red shoes, so adorable! That is too cute about the Portuguese guy who followed you around. He clearly has style for commenting on your outfit. What a cutie!

  2. Oh, you're so cute. I love the heart sunglasses and the pastel floral shirt! And the shoes... those, I want to steal. And yes, Summer is such an inspirational character. I love her style.

  3. I'm in love both with Summer Finn and your outfit! I feel this is something Summer herself would wear. I've never been much into denim anything except jeans, but this skirt is unbelievable - the length is perfect, the details awesome and the colour just right. Maybe I'll give denim another chance :)

  4. LOVE that skirt!!
    and yes, I love Summer! She has such awesome style...that movie makes me sad though because I was like Summer to my last boyfriend XD (except for the getting married after we broke up part...haha...)

  5. Love your outfit dear, and that was sweet of the Portuguese guy to follow you around and complimenting you :)
    500 days of summer is one of my favourite style inspiration films!

  6. 500 Days of Summer is my favorite movie, and She & Him is my favorite band! I love Zooey Deschannel! I also love Summer Finn. I love how her style was so girly and polished throughtout the movie. I love that she always wore blue. I could never just wear only one color, but I love that she did. It really helped define the character.

    I love this outfit. I currently have an obsession with anything denim, and that skirt is so covetable. I also love those shoes, which I own in light pink.

    Happy blogging!

  7. i love this outfit! very springy and chic!


  8. I love the outfit! Especially how your sunglasses and shoes add a pop of color :D I'm a big fan of Zooey as well - I love her sense of style and how it's always so girly and retro chic :)

  9. This is such an adorable outfit, your skirt is fabulous. And the bright red sunglasses and shoes are perfect here. I loved zooey's character in 500 days of summer, shes so cute.

  10. Cute sunnies! This looks is so girly and pretty!
    La Petite Marmoset

  11. ahh!! i love your shoes! and zooey really is the best (:

  12. Cute outfit!


  13. You look absolutely darling in this outfit. The fun bright colors are very Zooey inspired, and who doesn't think she's just the cutest little thing? Love the cherry red pop of your shoes and the skirt is just perfect.

  14. would you believe i still have not seen that movie? its been sitting in my 'movie folder' for as long as i can remember but i've never gotten around to actually watching it! hmm... silly.
    this is really one perfect spring outfit, im in love with the skirt - style, length and colour or so lovely! xo

  15. I still have not seen that movie either...I really need to get on that.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  16. ooh that pretty adorable little blouse, you are subliming in finding the cutest blouses. the jeans looks really bold because it is such a strong color. so what a fabulous idea to combine it with a strong bag. the skirt has the perfect length. the combination with the red shoes makes it so interesting and fun to watch (fun in a very stylish way). great spring outfit.

  17. absolutely love this post, wonderful outfit and inspiring!

  18. You're such a cutie with your heart sunglasses :) ben ook zo blij dat we al een paar dagen het lentegevoel hebben mogen ervaren, jammer is het vandaag weer heel wat minder :(

  19. That skirt is so gorgeous! And I'm in love with those red flats :D
    I wish I could go to the River Island party, haha!
    M xo

  20. you look sweet as a daydream!!! Love it!!

  21. the outfit is perfect. and i love zooeys style it is refreshing in a celebrity to dress so classic.

    now following :D

  22. aaahwwww truly adorable your encounter with the portuguese boy!!! Spring is here and it is awesome!!! about time...I'm not brave enough to bare my legs, as they are hideous, but just give me a few more degrees and it will happen ;)

  23. honey you indeed look too damn dropdead gorgeous! en wat een mooi kleurtje zit er op je lippen! love how you pulled of the noncha-belt.
    x M.

  24. I LOVE the look... so so so Summer Finn. I need some t-strap flats but I am afraid to order online. flats can be remarkably uncomfortable sometimes.
    ps... I linked you in my last blog post in reference to a dress I need help with styling! write me if you get a chance!

  25. Love this outfit! Those glasses and your flats just make it...and I love that you are wearing your bf's belt! Gorgeous
    xo Cara

  26. ik vind het echt zoo leuk dat je altijd zo vrolijk op de foto staat! Het werkt aanstekelijk ^^

  27. I love the red details!! You are so, so cute whith this outfit! And Zooey Deschanel is perfect, i also love her vintage style!

  28. I've always wanted to sport some Lolita glasses, but never been brave enough. If anyone can pull them off, it's you. Too sweet with your very cherry maryjanes.

    My girl-crush of Miss Deschanel goes way back to her All The Real Girls days. I'll pretty much buy any magazine with her featured in it.

  29. I have missed reading your blog so much! Seriously, whyyyy do I have to be so busy :(

    Anyway I adore this outfit! Very Summer Finn indeed. I love your red flats, they're such a fun touch.

    I need to go to bed so I can get a good night's sleep before my final, but like, aaah, I am going to have to go through the last two weeks of your blog as soon as I get the chance.



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