Serious Saturday: Back in Time

I don't know if any of you have ever checked out my chictopia or maybe even know me from when I first started posting outfits over there, but I went back there to scroll down all the way to the 17th of September, 2009. That beautiful, sunny day more than two years ago was the day I started outfit blogging. I wouldn't say that blogging has turned my life upside down because I don't think I am defined by my blog. I define my blog, not the other way around: if I hadn't started outfit blogging, I would probably have found another outlet for my creativity (but still have just as many pairs of shoes crowding my boyfriend's living space). But as things turned out, I started blogging. And I kept at it, developing my voice and aesthetic and sharing my journey with who ever was interested in reading me. 
By sharing my coming of age with you (not just my readers but all the lovely people in my life) instead of experiencing it in the privacy of my own mind, I have been enriched, motivated and inspired. Above all, I know who I am better now than I did back then. I don't know if this insight is a product of my maturation or of me keeping a blog, but it's a sure thing that I have changed tremendously. My hair has gone from long-ish to short to long again, I have acquired a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and struggled through personal hardships. 

All the while taking pictures of my clothes.

Let me share some of the past few years with you!
Very very first post on chictopia, back in October 2008 but I don't see this as the start of my blogging career because I didn't update regularly back then. Note the classy clutter in the background, and the fact that I'm taking a picture in the reflection of a window. Also, see that thing behind me? YEP, the infamous ugly grey wall in front of which I took most of my pictures the past years!

The outfit post that would launch a thousand outfitposts and the first time I made it into the Chictopia Style Gallery! This is my starting point. I still love and wear the glasses, dress and wedges I'm wearing here.

The first outfitpicture I was actually proud of was this one. Romantic and sweet was what my style was like back then, most of the time anyways. Vintage shoes and a DIY skirt, things that still exemplify what my style is about.
But I did the boho/tough thing as well.

I was a pro poser. Debut of my thigh high boots (that I still wear quite often):

Hooker boots, plaid and chains. Also, I pose awkwardly with a garden hose.

My first time doing a very Alexa-esque outfit, way before I even knew who Alexa was.

I wore these booties all the time back then. Totally still dig this grungy look!

Same boots, different hairdo. I loved this haircut but it's really not "me", I doubt if I'll ever go back to it. Here's another set if you want to see more of my short crop.

Growing out my hair, still wearing those boots. I wore this outfit to my Psychology exam, I remember it clearly. In fact, whenever I look at an outfit from my blogging history, memories ALWAYS come bubbling up. My blog is my external memory yo.

And my very first outfit on my own, proper blog, the one you're reading right now!

One of my favorite outfits, one I keep repeating over and over, and a human pretzel pose.

A crazy going out look, just because I can. Still love this one btw, would totally wear it again.

awful hair, great memories. I wore this to Gaga's show <3 Also, those boots. Srsly.

Retro, legs, prints, colors, girly with a bit of edge has always been my look I guess. Or has it? Check out this awesome picture tour through my childhood and teenhood, exploring my style.

You can check out the more recent stuff yourself! One thing's for sure. I've always been a bad-ass.

And a cutiepie.

Guess my style hasn't really changed a lot over the past years, but my hair has! And so have I. From a frustrated 20 year old girl working in a shop to save up for uni to a happy, fulfilled 24 year old woman working on her dissertation with a possibility of pursuing a doctors degree. I ALMOST get a little choked up. So much can happen in a few years.

Did you enjoy this peak into my style history? Where were you a few years ago? Are you happy with the changes you've made, or do you wish more had changed?


  1. how do you always have good hair? :) must be fun to see your style evolution!

  2. Your confidence makes you shine! Go Girl!

  3. Aww it's so fun to go back and look at old blog posts to see how things change!! I have memories attached to outfits too (or outfits attached to memories?) I can remember what I was wearing on random days throughout my life, any time I'm trying to prove my point I'm like "Well I remember ___ and ___ happened, at ___ time and I was wearing my red dress with black belt and grey cardigan" my boyfriend looks at me in awe of remembering this shit.
    I love seeing how you've changed, always stylish but perhaps a bit more risk taking now? You seem to have always been such a confident lady, and it's awesome how far you've come school wise

  4. Loving this look back at your blogging :D
    And I know what you mean, my blog hasn't changed me but I have evolved into what I really want to be :)

  5. Loved seeing this! I really adore your hair in the bob like style (maybe I'm just biased)! So happy that your life is going well and you are pursuing more degrees. Go you!

  6. I loved this look back on your old looks! You always looked very cute in whatever you were wearing. Such a great post. I really love how your hair looks super short too.

  7. Ah Finally! On the Origin of the Alex Monroe ring :) Post after post I wondered what the story behind that ring was, I'm a bit curious like that. Nice outfits, I really like that crazy one, feline prints are sooo fun!

  8. Oh wow, I loved reading this mini journey! I think your style has changed - not dramatically, but you've definitely found yourself. I should really do this, but I cringe when I see some of my old outfit posts, haha! I guess it's all a learning curve though!

  9. Echt super leuke post!!! leuk om zo een stukje geschiedenis van u te zien. Bij mij is ook vooral mijn haar veranderd bruin, bijna zwart, blond, en dan alle mogelijke lengte.
    Ik was meer een dromer paar jaar geleden en eigl wou ik dat ik dat nog steeds wat deed :)

  10. what an interesting and great post! great to look back and see how you've changed. one of the advantages of keeping a blog! Fantastic Blog!!!

  11. Oh my gosh! I loved this post. The first photo is so far from where you are now! Your style has changed quite a bit. It's a lot more mature but still playful. I am definitely apply with where I am now and I am very happy with the changes I have made! <3 thank you for this lovely post.

  12. I adore your blog so much for posts like this. I love looking back on older posts and can get lost in old outfit posts. I love your consistency as well as your style evolution! you are still a fave!

  13. love such posts! I didn't follow you back then and it's cute to see how you've evolved!

  14. I like seeing how a person's style progresses as they go through life. My style a few years ago SO different, but I was an entirely different person. I stopped wearing pants in 2009 and never turned back hah. I went from socially awkward tomboy to friendly hippie chick.