I like you so much better when you're naked

Hallelujah! I had lost this dress 2 years ago, had no idea where I had left it. One day I just couldn’t find it anymore and I was so sad because this is SUCH a cute little sixties number, and I love to dress a bit twiggy-esque from time to time. A few days ago my boyfriend and I were cleaning up our bedroom (it’s huge and in the corner we just have… stuff lying around), and underneath some old coats I found my dress! A yelp of joy was let out, I clutched it tight and I immediately knew how I was going to wear it: with these tights that have the same pied-de-poule print and my prettiest and least comfortable shoes. A simple look, but it’s a look that never really goes out of style if you ask me. It does not feel dated to me and it’s both girly, grown up, fun and business-ready!
 dress: h&m
tights: h&m
shoes: zara
bracelet: COS
ring: Alex Monroe
nailpolish: claire's

Tomorrow I have a debate in french coming up and I’m getting a bit nervous. It’ll work out though, I always love debating! I hope everyone is having a nice, sunny day! I know I am :-) Oh and happy St. Patrick's day! Don't drink TOO much :-D


  1. Those tights are awesome! This outfit is fantastic! I hate losing clothes! But it is so nice to find them! They will often hide in the back of my closet!!



  2. hey anne dear. you look very twiggy. all you need are those long false eyelashes. lovin' the bright yellow tights!


  3. Oh so Twiggy! I love how you put this outfit together!

  4. lovely dress, perfectly styled :)

  5. Cute. I love those shoes paired with those leggings. ;D

  6. Cute!!!!b :D

    What a wonderful dress. As I said on chictopia you have had lots of great looks recently. This is another one of them. I wish a dress like that would work for me I would wear it for work for sure!! :D

  7. Cute. I love those shoes paired with those leggings. ;D

  8. lovely dress, perfectly styled :)