Giveaway for a Good Cause

First outfit, then giveaway! My outfit is the one I wore for an upcoming feature on national television and I'm super duper excited about it. I'll let you know when it will be broadcasted and hopefully provide you with a link! The actual outfit looked a lot better before the lights were turned off by the autumnal early evening, but you'll just have to take my word on it. The graininess is pretty annoying.
Also, I did a glitter ombre nail (just google it, hella easy to do) and I love it to bits.

cardi: F21
tights: Pimkie
shoes: swapped with friend


When Dusana contacted me to do a giveaway offering one lucky reader an item from her no profit e-store, of course I said yes. I love handing out presents to people, and I love good causes. This time of year is the perfect moment to stop and think about all of the people who have less than you instead of just mindlessly buying stuff because it's the holidays. Not to go all granola-bar-hippie style on yo asses (you know I am though) but I am in awe of people who work for a good cause, who take their time to be selfless and make the world a slightly better place. It's not easy to make that choice, everything around us screams "work hard to get yourself places!" but hardly any of it tells us we should work hard to help others. 

My take on volunteering and working for a cause is the way I want to use the knowledge and expertise I'm acquiring at university to be the best person I can be, to spread knowledge and insight and be an example for other people. It's a start, right? 

Dusana told me about the mission statement behind her shop.

I want to enable local artisans in Mexico to maintain and thrive on their sustainable lifestyles and handicraft traditions by sharing their work with a greater (online) public. Ensure that these beautiful traditions are given the appreciation they deserve and are not lost in future generations.

100% of all profits will be reinvested into the rural, indigenous communities, and, depending on expenses, you can be guaranteed that at least 50% of your purchase goes directly to the makers’ communities.

This project/shop is something I’m extremely passionate about. It combines my many interests of sustainable living, fair trade, maintaining tradition and community (as well as building community through common interests and knowledge-sharing), travel, indigenous culture and their artwork and handicrafts (duh : ), and style, particularly creating your personal style with unique pieces you truly love, that didn’t go through slave labor and polluting factories to get to you.

Growing up in a home decorated with handmade textiles from Ecuador (my dad was a Peace Corp volunteer at my age), I’ve always felt an appreciation for these traditions, and became especially interested in the culture after working with Native American communities for my college thesis.

Inspiring, right? And the pieces are supercute to boot!

Seriously, how gorgeous is the embroidery on these pieces? Just imagine the experience, time and expertise that went into making the patterns. Not your average a dime a dozen H&M stuff now, is it? I imagine these looking stellar with denim shorts, bell bottoms, A line skirts and the like. Very authentic, very colorful, very Frida Kahlo <3

  • follow Dusana's blog (bloglovin or GFC)
  • follow me (bloglovin or gfc)
  • check out her store and leave me a comment with the item you'd like to win and a way to contact you
  • et voila!
This giveaway will run until the 11th of December  2011. Good luck!


  1. Such a cool blog, good idea to sell those beautiful items non-profit. What a cool give-away too. I follow both of you and if I win I would like The Chickadee in Rainbow :). Keep on posting, I really like what you wear.

  2. You look so cute!! I love this dress with that bow and the colours look great together with that cardi and tights. Great idea for a givaway, following you both with gfc and I like the chckadee in lime and black :)

  3. all the pieces in the shop are amazing! it's hard to choose which one i like best, but i think it's the piƱata in multi.

  4. everything looks so beautiful and special! I guess I'd go for the chickadee in Lime (black). Contact me via

  5. I love the outfit... the dress totally reminds me of the Caligrown dress (it would look fab with the Dany platforms! ;-))! and that is so awesome you get to be on television! Is it about fashion... any tips on doing photos in fading light? the blog-photo window seems to be narrowing for winter.

  6. Inspiring and super cute for sure!!!

    I follow Dusana's blog on GFC now and I follow you all around!

    I love all the pieces in the store but I think I would chose the Oaxacan in gold!

    Have a good week Annebeth :)


  7. Jeej ben superbenieuwd naar het programma :) you looked cute, as usual!

  8. I don't know how to contact you!

  9. Gaat het om het programma met Lien? Ben benieuwd naar je appearance! Jammer inderdaad dat de intensiteit van de kleuren niet duidelijk doorkomt maar dan blijft de verrassing voor de show des te groter :)
    Prachtig trouwens dat je je steun verleent aan dit mooie initiatief! Ik hou zelf heel erg van etnische look en heb mijn hart verloren aan Mexico in het bijzonder. Ik volgde je al op bloglovin' en volg Dusana's site nu ook op dezelfde manier. Ik vind The Oaxacan (lime) ontzettend mooi dus duimen maar dat ik win! ;)

  10. I follow you both on Bloglovin' and well... I'd love any of them (and I tell her often enough). So that's me good-caused!

    P.S. The photos aren't that grainy!

  11. You look adorable in your little sailor outfit. It reminds me of an outfit I wore a little while back with my white sailor dress.

  12. i love


  13. Thank you! So great of you to support such a great cause and promote being conscious about our purchases. My favorite is the Chickadee in plum and the Chiapa purples. email:
    Cute outfit with collar dress too.

  14. Heel mooi dat je deze actie steunt.
    Ik ga helemaal voor dit stuk:
    Echt prachtig!

    Je kan me contacteren via Twitter:!/ELN_B

  15. So many beautiful items! And for such a good cause, too!

    I'm loving the Pinata in multi

  16. La Flor Is soooo pretty!!!!! I really want everything in the shop though!! The best part is that it's all non-profit!

  17. I looove the chickadee top in sunflower, gorgeous! (i follow both of your blogs via gfc!)

  18. oh and my e-mail:

  19. so fashionable!
    i like the ensemble of your clothes,and ofc your purpose of selling these tops,awesome!

  20. I want to win the multi-colored top so it can go with any outfit! send me an email if I win-
    p.s.- love the colored tights, I'm obsessed with tights this season they add spice to any skirt!

  21. i like the 173396-the-chickadee-in-cobalt.