Advertorial: Smartphone Musings and the Samsung Galaxy Note

Looking for an original Christmas present for your blogging girl/guyfriend? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note: a smartphone-tablet hybrid for updating your blog and/or social media regardless of where you are (no need to drag along that heavy laptop!) with an 8 pixel camera to snap and share away and loads of different creative outlets. This little vid demonstrates the possibilities at a zoo, but I bet you can think of a bajillion awesome occasions where this fellow would come in handy!

My boyfriend has been talking about buying me a smartphone but I've been holding it off: as much as I'd love a fancy smartphone, I don't think I could handle the monthly expense of paying the phone and internet bills. Major bummer, but I have to be practical from time to time, right? Or was I a moron for passing up on my boyfriend buying me a smartphone? How much do you smartphone owners pay a month?

I was a moron, right?

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  1. I still just have an old flip phone myself and was recently contemplating getting a smart phone... As handy as one would be, I'm with you on worries about monthly bills. Data usage you say, how much would I use? Complicated! I'm a little afraid I'd get one and becomes its slave and never be able to put it down like every other technodependant person I know...