Christmas Fair and Lots of Lights

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I'm not the biggest fan of glühwein and the like, but BOY do I love pretty lights. So whenever the Christmas fair sets up camp across from our door, you bet your ass I'll visit even the lamest ones just because of the pretty pretty lights. Christmas makes me so happy <3 We don't even give gifts in my family, I just absolutely adore the decorations. It's absolute magic when every bend in the road brings you new sparkly lights, Christmas trees and delightful kitsch.

coat: H&M
scarf: T2 vintage
beret: old
boots: Texto

And a fun bit of reading to enlighten us about the dirty truth behind the whole "boys will be boys" mentality and how it might affect our boys and men. Sickening. Especially when you consider the fact that just voicing your opinion on lad mags as demeaning or objectifying will probably just get you a reputation as a spoilsport or uptight bitch. F that shit, I won't be silenced by morons and assholes.

Fa lalalala 
lalalala! :-D


  1. 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY! Hebben jullie geen echte ezel in de stal ofzo? :-D

  2. die komt nog! en een lammetje en een kalfje! maar enkel rond kerstdag.

  3. I'd be drunk and high off all the Christmas spirit going on in your town!! hehe..

    And as for the lad mags or the rapists...both are plain disgusting.

  4. i fa la la la la't too today. you are glowing girl

  5. Ik ben vandaag naar de Kerstmarkt in Brussel geweest, het maakt me helemaal blij :)

  6. LOVE those photos, such pretty lights!
    and ugh...those quotes are disgusting, I hate boys sometimes (actually, a lot of the time...)

  7. awwwwww love the photos. gorgeous!


  8. Oh my lord, that article is scary. Ugh.
    Anyways, I love your cozy outfit and I am such a huge fan of Christmas lights! My family and I got our tree today and we decorated the inside of our house with wreaths, bows and glitter. It was lovely.

  9. You look adorable! And I love Christmas fairs... but I also love glühwein with an unhealthy passion! Off to read the scary article... : )