Review: Eylure Individual Lash Extensions

It has been almost a month since I tried Eylure's individual lash extensions on a whim, so it is about time I blogged about them. I had a wedding coming up and I wanted to get some extra oomph into my look, which is why I picked up a pack of these at my local Di. 

The box contains instructions, 50 fake lashes in three lengths and two vials, one containing glue and another containing a lift off fluid to remove the lashes. The lashes and glue will probably last you two applications, but the lift off fluid is really just a teensy amount. IMPORTANT: individual lash glue is not the same as false lash strip glue. Lash strip glue is supposed to glue the false lash strip to your eyelid for a night, while individual lashes are glued to your actual lashes for an extended period of time. Also: the lift off fluid can be a bit irritating on the eyes.

The best way to go about attaching these is easily explained in a few steps.

1) remove all of your make up and make sure your lashes aren't greasy, otherwise the glue won't stick
2) dab some glue on a flat surface. Not too much, because the glue will dry quickly, but this way you can keep the vial closed and get a much longer lifespan out of your glue before it is all dried up.
3) grab a strand of lash extensions carefully: whether you use a tweezer or your own fingers (which I preferred because I found it easier to control the lashes this way): don't squeeze too hard! You'll create a dent in the lashes which you won't be able to fix and they'll be ruined.
4) dip the knotted end of the lash extensions into your dollop of glue

5) let the glue get tacky for a bit
6) carefully push the lash extensions into your own lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. This is easiest if you close the eye you're working on. I've found that the glue sticks best if you wiggle the lash extensions up and down a few times to distribute the lash glue over a larger part of your own lashes

7) let go of the false lash and open your eye to see if the extension is placed correctly
8) repeat until you have reached the desired effect.

I ended up using mostly medium length lashes from the corner to the middle of my eye, and a few shorter ones the rest of the way. It's really easy to cut the extensions down a bit if you find them too long or too full. I spent about half an hour applying them, and this is what I ended up looking like.

I personally think the result is pretty darn stunning, and more natural than a full strip of false lashes or even mascara. I wasn't wearing mascara in these shots by the way, even though you can do so. I thought having to remove my mascara at the end of the day would increase the chance of my individual lash extensions falling off soon so I passed on that during the week I wore these. Truthfully, I didn't feel like I had to enhance my extensions anyway.

In the end, these lasted me for about 5-6 days with me re-applying about one strand of extensions each morning. The box says they could last up to 4 weeks, but I seriously do not see that happening. That being said, I could have easily went on for two weeks or so, reapplying one or two lashes everyday which costs a few minutes at the very most. I would definitely recommend trying individual lash extensions! I found them much easier to apply than a full strip of false lashes, and you don't run the risk of ending up with your lashes drooping down your face in the middle of the evening.

Will you be trying individual lash extensions? Let me know if you have any questions :)


  1. Wauw! Ik wil al lang eens zo'n wimpers proberen! Ben benieuwd of het handiger is dan zo'n hele rij!

  2. Ziet er echt wel heel goed uit! Maar ik ben zo'n sukkel op dat gebied, zou mij echt nooit lukken. Heb er ook totaal niet het geduld voor, maar ik ga het wel is proberen denk :).

  3. ik zat ook echt te sukkelen zenne, vooral met die pincet :D vingers is makkelijker, en er voor zorgen dat je de wimper in een optimale hoek vasthebt voor je em in je wimpers duwt :D

  4. Vind individuele wimpers ook veeeel makkelijker dan wimpers op een "strip" ( of hoe zegt ge da?) En de nieuwe lay-out is super geslaagd, da speelse past perfect bij u en uw blog !! KA BAM!

  5. Oh wauw, inderdaad een mooi effect! Maar ik zie mij zo al een half oog doen, daar echt een uur aan spenderen, en dan opgeven haha. Ik ben zo onhandig en ongeduldig met zo'n dingen!

  6. Snap ik helemaal :D het effect is wel een stimulans om verder te gaan!

  7. ik doet dat niet meer, dat is altijd een geknoei! wel schoon effect bij u , al vind ik dat ge dat niet echt nodig hebt!