Peplum Skirt, Wonders Shoes

t-shirt, ear studs: ASOS - peplum skirt: Forever21 - rose gold peep toe pumps: c/o Wonders - ear cuff: Claire's

This skirt. I love it. I have never been the biggest fan of the peplum trend, but for some reason this pencil skirt with a peplum hem is the most flattering thing EVER CREATED. I have been wearing it all the time, styled simply with a classic t-shirt. I'm seriously contemplating also getting it in cream. This was my outfit for Saturday, aka the first day of my birthday weekend. I obviously had to wear my preeeetty new platform peep toes since they had arrived the day before as a gift from Wonders. The combination of the ankle strapped pumps with the peplum skirt allmost gives off a bit of a 20s-30s vibe (GREAT GATSBY), doesn't it?

I have received quite a few gifted items the last few months, but these pumps are definitely one of the prettiest yet, right from the comfortable platform and not-too-narrow heel to the mix of gold and rose gold leather. Leg-lengthening while still being comfortable enough for even my awful feet, which makes them a total recommendation. I can't spot this particular model on the Wonders website but these are also lovely and very similar. The brand is Spanish, but its shoes are also sold in Belgium: find a shop near you with their shop locator.

 I have an important presentation at work tomorrow, so wish me luck! I will be wearing my gorgeous new orange dress for confidence.


  1. Totes adorbabelulz (three words in one :D)! The make-up was gorgeous tooo.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Oh my LORD, this look is pretty awesome ! I love it when simple looks turn out amazing like this one does :) Succes morg !

  3. leuk, de schoentjes zijn zo wat retro

  4. These skirts are the best! Sooo flattering.. yet not easy to find (I guess they're not trendy right now? or you'd see them everywhere!)
    You look gorgeous! I love how simple this outfit is but with something special to it. Everything looks so well put together! And lovely, lovely shoes.

  5. yeah! I noticed the same thing, haven't seen this silhouette in ages but it really spoke to me and the thicker stretchy fabric and perfect fit really sold it to me, especially since it only cost 15€! Thank you :)

  6. Pretty pretty sandalen! Ik vind trouwens je de lengte van je haar mooi ;)
    Naomi, x

  7. Simple and gorgeous! That skirt really is fantastic. I love how a cute detail like the peplum hem can make a piece so special.