Forever Obsessed With: ANKLE BOOTS

I have a few signature "things" when it comes to my style. I don't wear a lot of accessories, I like loose tops with skinny bottoms and I have a never ending love affair with the colour pink. But my number one wardrobe staple pertains to my footwear: I almost exclusively wear sandals in the warmer months, and ankle boots in the colder seasons. 

I am forever in search of the one perfect pair of ankle boots. An elegant shape with a bit of a heel, but still comfortable enough to wear them through my active days. A nose that is neither too rounded nor too pointed. A shaft that is high enough to not give that "shoe boot" effect (because I don't find it too flattering), but still short enough to work with cuffed skinny jeans. 

Whenever I find a new web-shop, I start to (semi-obsessively) sort through all their offerings to see if they have my PERFECT pair of ankle boots (enkellaarzen), so it should come as no surprise that I did just that when I started working with Spartoo! Here are a few of my favourite pairs.

Clockwise starting from upper left: Key té - Meline - Tamaris - Dream in GreenMiista - Jonak

All of these would be welcomed into my shoe closet, but the Dream in Green ones will probably be the ones I'll actually buy since they'll go with literally anything and everything. I love the high shaft, the shape and the not-too-high heel. Just imagine how cool they'll look when they've been worn in and scuffed up a bit! Rock chick material for sure. Btw, Dream in Green doesn't just have an environmentally inspired name, they also tan their leathers in vegetable solutions which doesn't damage the environment nearly as much as regular, toxic-chemically tanned leather. Yeay!

So, which of these are your faves, or aren't ankle boots your kind of staple?