Basic Outfit and Sales Plans

jeans, fluffy sweater: H&M - boots: c/o Sacha

Told you I was into uber-simple looks! Most of my outfits the past month or so consist of like, three pieces. I'm a really lazy dresser! :-D Aren't we all though, secretly? I still had these pics laying around from like, a month and a half ago, and the look is relevant again now that summer seems to have left us (booh).

I have like, zero things to say right now. Except for the fact that:

1) I don't *hate* my shorter hair anymore. I like how it makes me look and feel like a grown up.
2) I'm sort of preparing for the sales. I'm planning to look for minimalist chic, high quality basics (mostly from COS - silk EVERYTHING), but comme per usual I'm digging some shoes as well. More specifically, I'm looking to replace some basics: chique but comfortable black ankle boots, and maybe a pair of Converse sneakers? They are pretty much irresistible in maroon...

You got your eye on anything specific for the upcoming sales?


  1. You finally came around with the hair. Like, I TOLD U SOOO! Loving the minimal look, go for itz!

  2. Ima rock that shit like a ZZ Top song!

  3. I actually prefer you with shorter hair <3

  4. Ik ben ook into de minimal look, dus ik ben fan van deze outfit!
    Ik heb - vreemd genoeg - geen sales wish list. Mijn consuminderplan werkt verbazingwekkend zeer gemakkelijk! Ik ga misschien wel eens kijken naar kwalitatieve basics, ik leef in simpele tshirtjes maar die h&m'etjes beginnen allemaal op te wollen, geen zicht meer eigenlijk!

  5. simple is good, ben wel fan van casual outfitjes! en ja voor de sneakers

  6. yesss daarom ook dat ik van plan ben vooral mooie, chique, minimalistische basics te kopen bij COS enzo: een mooie bloes, mooie t-shirts, dat soort dingen!