Rainbow of Sneakers

I've had an absolutely lovely day visiting the festivities surrounding 500 years of thursday markets in Sint Niklaas. I ate glorious food: candied apples, pancakes with chocolate and bananas, bratwurst, cheeses and garlic bread. But now I'm digesting, and that means I've got some time to blog! 

The three reasons I love the content of this post: SNEAKERS! COLOUR! ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS! Or, you know, just look at this picture.

Lemony yellow, mint, lime, orange, watermelon, orange sorbet and strawberry ice cream: don't these Victoria plimsolls look absolutely yummy?  So easy to just slip on with any type of outfit to have a little bit of sunshine on your feet when you look down. I'm pretty sure that most people's summer wardrobe isn't complete without a pair of basic, preppy plimsolls.

These are sold for about 30€ a pop (really quite alright!), and you can do so with a clear conscience to boot: the brand only uses natural dyes, and the sole is made from 100% natural rubber. Now, I don't really know what that means, but I'm pretty sure a brand can't go around proclaiming their production process is sustainable without actually paying any mind to the environment.

I think I'm ready for more food now. SO! Are you into plimsolls, or wouldn't you be caught dead in them? What's your favourite summer shoe?

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