Inspiration: Crop Tops

Yeah, I'm hardly telling groundbreaking truths here, nor telling you about this "amaga new trendzzz". But, you know, I really like crop tops. Or let me rephrase that: I think crop tops are cool as FUCK. And before you go telling me crop tops look cool but aren't for you because [insert perceived issues with your body-type]: ANYONE can rock crop tops if they feel like doing so. Just check out this babely specimen

Or this one!

Or her?

The entire idea that some styles aren't flattering on certain bodies is a self fulfilling prophecy anyway: we are used to seeing more "out there" pieces on slim, modelesque girls, so when we see a non-model type woman in a more edgy outfit, our brain immediately goes "DOES NOT COMPUTE". Simply because we aren't used to seeing this particular image, we interpret it as amateurist or tacky whereas a slim girl wearing the exact same outfit would be all kinds of inspirationally daring.

Which is BS.

Clothes are clothes and wearing this or that won't magically alter your appearance anyway. Someone who's skinny won't seem "fat" by wearing something "unflattering", and someone who's fat won't become magically "inoffensively skinny" by wearing spanx and pencil skirts and push up bra's. The more we see women of every body type wearing any kind of outfit, the sooner everyone will learn to accept their freedom to wear whatever they want without passing judgement when our opinion isn't requested.

SO. Now that we've got that out of the way, here are some crop top looks that have caught my eye over the past weeks!

source: 1/2/3/4/5/6

There's a bit for everyone: Paulien's look (no. 2) is a bit more work appropriate: modest and ladylike with the high waisted midi skirt and the high neckline. While no. 5 (ike sports bra) is ideal for casual girls who like skin more than fabric. No. 3 is for tomboys, while no. 4 and 6 are for girly girls. Yep, crop tops for everybody!

What do you think about crop tops? Have anything to say about the concept of flattering ones body type? Share!

EDIT: just because one of my readers asked me about it on my facebookpage, here are some more awesome bloggers that don't fit the "skinny, model-esque" body type!


  1. Amen!!I love croptops SO much and they truly do fit beautifully on everyone :)

  2. Loooove crop tops too! I don't think everyone can get away with them but it's in no way related to a particular body type. The ladies above are a perfect example, they all have different body types and they all look great! I think it depends on the kind of crop top, the style of the people wearing it and how people wear it that can make it a yay or nay. Oh and another thing about unflattering styles for big girls: when I see Adele in another black and/or covering outfit to make her look slimmer I feel like crying. She's so gorgeous, I don't know why they feel like her body needs to stay 'hidden' at all costs.. it's sort of a mixed message: hey look you can be big and successful, as long as you hide your body shape as much as possible?? (Sorry, kind of got off-topic..)

    Back to crop tops! I don't really have a problem with them as a trend because that makes them more accessible (= more choice at a reasonable price). Stores here tend to keep it safe when buying their gear so it can be pretty hard to find a particular item when it's not 'hot and happening'. Still haven't found my perfect crop top match though, so I'll just keep on looking :)

  3. what kind of crop top are you looking for exactly? They are super easy to DIY as well!

    about "getting away with crop tops": obviously not every outfit with a crop top is MY taste and style, but when you're wearing it, you're getting away with it! :D

  4. No idea! I feel like I have to see it to know. You know? :D I think a tight fitting one with showing just a little midriff and a high pulled, wide skirt would fit me the best.

    Btw look who's in my crop top post! ;)

  5. <3 kan niet wachten om de mijne eindelijk aan te doen! stom weer :( (hij is nogal heel kort) en idd alle figuren kunnen dit aan, maar zoals elke trend moet je gewoon het juist kunnen omtoveren naar je eigen bodytype!

  6. Ik wil ook weer croptop weer :( niet akkoord met dat laatste though: niemand "moet" zich flatterend kleden (lees: zijn fouten verbergen en goede punten benadrukken). Kleding is gewoon kleding, soms kan je het ook gewoon DRAGEN :D

  7. hm ja maar persoonlijk voel ik mij toch wel beter in mijn vel als ik iets flatterend aantrek ;-) = zelfverzekerd = happy women

  8. Nog een plussize fashion blog: (wel in het Duits)

  9. I think the world needs more body loving posts as this one.

    Also (and I'm not trying to spam here I swear, just telling the truth) this post inspired me to post outfit photos on my blog again after quite a long hiatus. So, thank you.

    My blog: Life Is A Romantic Poem

  10. ik heb me ook net wat crop tops aangeschaft en ik vind het fantastisch om te zien dat ook niet skinny ladies die tops durven dragen! (zeker omdat ik zelf ook niet skinny ben :))

  11. "Babely specimen" Hahah! Love.