Aegyo Sal and reclaiming under eye circles

Hi babes! You're in for a treat: I'm taking this stormy February night to write an unexpected quick new blog post. The inspiration? A fun makeup trend I've picked up from all the Korean dating shows I've been watching lately. 

Seriously though, Singles Inferno (Netflix) is SO wholesome, entertaining and stylish, and a completely refreshing watch in all the ways it differs from our typical Western reality TV. Not just the fact that contestants don't even kiss during the whole run of the show (so many longing glances though), but also how different their beauty trends are from ours. One that stood out to me, probably because I've noticed it gaining popularity over on TikTok as well, is using makeup to accentuate your under-eye folds (or Dennie-Morgan folds as they're officially called). Which creates this soft, smiling eye look.

You should know that when I first started seriously experimenting with makeup when I was about 13 or 14, concealer was the first product I reached for. That and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (yes, it's a generational trauma). Just take a moment to consider how sad that is - makeup not as a means of creative expression but as a way to hide the features that you were born with. So yeah, as someone who grew up in a culture that made her feel so incredibly insecure about her deep set eyes and dark under eye circles, any kind of different way of looking at that "problem" area feels like a breath of fresh air. 

Apparently, the trend is called Aegyo Sal. And obviously, this look is not a new thing - it's been around for years and years. I just recently discovered its existence and ran with it. 

Anyway, less talk more pictures!

Here's a good demonstration of the Aegyo Sal look and its basic components: a glossy/highlighter line just underneath the lower lashline, and a darker, diffused line of a darker shadow color just below the highlighter to create a 3D effect and the suggestion of puffiness underneath the eye.

And what does it look like when I give it a go?

The shades and brush shape I used

Before - After

I just think it's super cute, man. And so easy to do!


1.  do whatever you do for your base

2.  apply a bit of neutral shimmery eyeshadow to your eyelid

3. apply a thin line of shimmery/glittery liner or eyeshadow (I use a liquid rose gold eyeshadow) that's lighter than your skin color just below your lower lash line

4. use a flat brush to apply a thin, smoked out line of a warm, medium tone brown (if you're fair skinned like me) just below the shimmery product

5. apply your mascara

Step 3 and 4 can easily be reversed btw. And done! Just be sure to use a warm toned brown for the "shadow" because it's kind of typical to that Korean beauty look to use a warm toned/reddish brown. You can also use this shade along your upper lash line or to do a soft, smoked out cat eye.

What do you think? I hope this inspires you to find beauty in the features that you've been made to feel insecure about.

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