Outfit Collage: Pastel Preppy with Ombre Sneakers

Right now, I'm chilling in my living room after seeing off my sis after our weekly sleepover. My boyfriend is off working out (GTL!), so I found a bit of time to pump out a bit of content for you guys. Or if I'm honest, I was just compelled to put together an outfit collage last week because I really fell in love with these ombre, leopard sneakers from Primark.

Cute or what?? And if I'm informed correctly, they're going for like 10€. I WISH Primark had a regular webshop with all their stuff. As much as I'm trying to evolve towards a more classy style that steers clear from cheap trends, sometimes it's just loads of fun to inject some fun into an outfit with cheery items like these sneakers. Or like Kanye West (I love him, I really do, not many pop acts get so many depth and passion in their lyrics) himself has rapped:

When we die the money we can’t keep
But we probably spend it all cause the pain ain’t cheap: preach

My humble interpretation: yeah, we are all superficial consumerist losers and the shit you buy doesn't mean anything in the end, but spending money and buying crap really can make you forget about all the shit you've had to go through to get where you are today. PREACH.

But I was going to keep this light! SO: obviously the sneakers would look great with like, denim shorts and a neon top, but you could have thought of that yourself, right? And it wouldn't really make them look more chic than they are either. So I set myself a tiny little challenge by putting together a stylish look that would make these look less like you bought them for 10€, and more like some REALLY CUTE SHOES.

I went with a classic short sleeved white shirt - looking for one right now but turns out it's really fucking hard to find a simple white cotton shirt without any frills or unnecessary extras. The skater skirt and pastel accessories are just too cute and spring-summery to pass up on. I would wear this RIGHT NOW if I had the pieces.

And now I'm just going to enjoy the beautiful weather and our day off! LATERS


  1. Heel tof gecombineerd, die tas is ook heel mooi! :)

  2. ik ben gek op van die simpele shoppers!

  3. Hey,
    great outfit-compilation! :)


  4. Primark started selling some pieces on ASOS but they're planning to add more. woohoo!
    the outfit is brillz! have a nice sunday!

  5. yeah I noticed that last week, so exciting! thanks for your comment!