Sales Wishlist FW1213

I love sales and I love wishlists. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into the crowds and the hunt for huge piles of stuff you "like" but don't "love" and are only putting in your basket because it is SO DARN CHEAP, but the sales are the best time to buy the items that have been on your wishlist for ages. No sense in spending more money if you can do it for less, AMIRITE? But don't let yourself get sucked into the quicksand of marked down prettiness, because that shine will fade and you're just wasting cash rather than saving it. Also, bad for the environment yo.

Preparation is everything! First, ask yourself what is the item you've been missing the most while standing in front of your wardrobe the past few months? This is the item you'll need to stock up on, because you need more than one option. The basis of your wardrobe. For me, this boils down to grown up, elegant, high quality yet affordable dresses I can wear to work but still feel "me" in. Something I can wear sophisticated with a blazer or scruffed up with some boots. My criteria: short, sleeves, COMFORTABLE, interesting and wearable both during winter + the transitional seasons. These are all on my wishlist, and I sneakily already ordered the ASOS bouclé dress since it was considerably marked down. Yeay!

sales wishlist: Work Dresses

ASOS flare dress
€33 -

ASOS shift dress
€15 -

Zara faux leather dress
€60 -

Zara striped dress
€68 -

Second: what items do you want very bad, but don't necessarily need? Something that will add interest to your wardrobe and can be styled in a bajillion different ways. Something you fell in love with and want to try for the first time, something that feels like "future and improved you". Or, you know, just something purdy. This season I fell in love with these hologram-esque H&M skinnies which are just 18€ (INSANE). I seriously need them, they are too crazy to resist. And at that price, I can justify their silliness.
Another thing I'm looking for is the perfect pair of boyfriend denim. I want them to be slightly tapered + cropped, and not too distressed since I still want that effortlessly classy look. Great with boots! And tartan pants because: tartan. I can never resist a good slice of prep.

sales wishlist: pants

H&M loose jeans
€25 -

H&M low jeans
€18 -

Ralph lauren pants

(the Ralph Lauren pair isn't exactly in my price range but Zara offers nice tartan pants as well!)

Third: the pieces that keep getting away. Something you keep putting off buying even though you love it (my Viktor& Rolf perfume, since my bottle has run dry :(), or some kind of holy grail of perfection you can't seem to decide on  finally getting (perfect motorcycle boots, a crazy colored faux fur coat, an expensive, classy winter coat). These are my dreamboats I should just find and buy already, especially when they get discounted!

sales wishlist: the ones that keep getting away

Cropped jacket
€28 -

Steve Madden mid calf boots
€130 -

Viktor rolf
€81 -


Black leather coat
€80 -

Long coat
€205 -

Massimo Dutti wool coat
€280 -

(again, last two aren't exactly in my price range, but if they'd get discounted 50% I'd totally go for it. An elegant wintercoat is worth some dough in my opinion, makes me feel like a grown up)

So! What are you looking for this time around? You can find the rest of my wishlist over at my pinterest board.


  1. Wishlist: eindelijk eens een perfecte winterjas en pumps van COS die ik al maanden op het oog heb! Super dat bouclé ASOS kleedje! :)

  2. Leuk lijstje! Dat gestreept kleedje van Zara wil ik ook, en dat ander kleedje van Zara vind ik ook mooi. Jammer dat de afprijzingen bij Zara niet altijd zo groot zijn. Op het einde wel, maar dan is het mooiste al weg. Verder op mijn wishlist staan ook nog truien (mijn zwak punt op dit moment) + lots of trousers and maybe a skirt!

  3. yep, ik ga er ook alleen voor bij zara in de laatste weken. Meestal zijn er wel nog dingen in de laatste weken hoor, soms halen ze dan nog dingen uit de stock of uit andere winkels waar niks goed verkocht heeft!

  4. OH MY GOD dat fluffy roze jasje, gimme! Al is zo'n classic zwarte/groene jas natuurlijk wel een stuk veiliger ;) !

  5. nice things! ben ook helemaal fan van die hologram-trend, op asos hebben ze ook een mooie skinny! en handige tips ;) mijn wishlist kan je hier vinden:

    xo Charlotte van

  6. Die zilveren broek is echt leuk! & de groene jas lijkt me ook wel wat!
    Helaas zal er buiten wat webshoppen er niet veel solden inzitten wegens examens -_-

  7. je zal het wel niet graag horen, maar IK BEN JALOERS :( examens <3

  8. oh je hebt een mooie wishlist! en blijkbaar hebben we wel wat dingen gemeenschappelijk :)

  9. Yeah! Ordered my classy expensive reduced coat already. :D

  10. I love your style :)

    Kisses from Argentina!

  11. Seems to be a perfect wishlist..! Great picks of stylish wears.. All the listings are indeed what we call latest trends..! Go for it dear..!