Faux Fur At Night

jeans, jacket: H&M - sneakers: Nike - T-shirt: zara - watch: c/o Swatch - bracelets: Etsy, handmade - earrings: Topshop

This is what I wore to go shopping with my sis a little while ago. We snapped these pictures in an empty train station because, you know, there was still some light there, and because the dirty settings and cool lighting went great with my outfit. I totally look like some streetwise kid hanging out in a subway station or something, right? That's just how I roll, yo. Also, I wish I had more faux fur. Faux fur coats really are what makes winter bearable. OK, faux fur and Christmas.

Aaaah it's  late and I'm supertired and I've had such a hectic weekend but it was amazing and lovely and now we have an epic Christmas tree and a belly full of sushi so I'm content and that's the end of this sentence. I'm going to chillax and make it an early night I think, to be fresh for the upcoming workweek (YEAY MONDAY!). I'll catch up with you guys later.

PS: Tomorrow is the last day to enter my shoe giveaway so go go go check it out!


  1. Coole en een beetje enge setting! Hanging like da real thing!

  2. Hi Annabeth, I just wanted to ask you a bit of advice if that's okay! I've been following your blog for a couple of years now, and I can honestly say that when I don't see updates from you, I am genuinely like, put down... I feel all sad! Haha! You always make my day (: Anyway, I'm new in the UK and I'm looking for an affordable (yet stylish) long winter coat (I'm a student and I'm from Malaysia, so exchange rate is pretty important to me). Could you make some suggestions please? I would appreciate that so much. Have a great week!

  3. Oh girl, looking so edgy and hott! haha ;)

  4. Zalige background! Zeker met die outfit heel gepast..

  5. Zalige locatie & outfit! Geweldig! xoxo Men Trend

  6. Zalige outfit, die t-shirt is geweldig! Ik heb hem nodig, direct! x

  7. Leuk hoe uw sneakers oplichten in het donker (of het lijkt toch zo) :)

  8. Aah you are so sweet! thank you for reading and your sweet words! Readers like you absolutely mean the world to me so thank you thank you thank you!

    If I were you, I'd start with seriously STALKING all of the local second hand places. Not the fancy vintage ones (very overpriced these days) but stuff like goodwill: really second hand. You will find SO many nice things for SUCH a low price if you take the time to look. My big black faux fur coat I've been wearing allll the time was a steal at 12€ and it is seriously perfect. If you don't like secondhand, prowl ASOS, H&M, Forever21 and Primark for an affordable, cute coat. Primark and Forever21 always have some very cute options if you look for them long enough between all the crap, and H&M has great value for money. Asos is a bit more expensive, but they do a lot of discounts. Sign up for their newsletter, favorite the coats you want and buy them when they are marked down or when there's a discount going on!
    last but not least: Zara is a great place to shop coats during the sales. They always have LOADS of winter coats during the sales, majorly marked down and really pretty.

    I hope this helped, if you have any more questions do ask!

  9. Perfect color for night faux fur! Lovely-

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

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