Recap: Making Christmas

YO DORKS! I don't have an outfitpost for y'all tonight, but I do have a few lovely moments to share with you guys. Pictures and thoughts. Most of them at least a bit Christmassy. Kitsch, make up, food and gifts.

First up: THE KITSCH

My motto: there is no such thing as too much kitsch. Evidence: my love for spraying fake ice crystals (and other Christmassy images) on our windows.

My boyfriend and me posing with our new favorite decorative item: our IKEA LED heart. Looks just like neon signs! Also pictured: my boyfriend's ever growing beard (I don't mind it, it's gone past itchy to soft) and his floppy hair. No idea why, but his hair has been sporting a Hugh Grant vibe the past weeks! ADORBZ


Did you ever see a more irresistible combination of slippers and pj's? You DID? Dude, don't lie to me. You're better than this.

We visited a Christmas market and sort of died from all the delicious fudz we stuffed ourselves with: bratwurst, pitta, pumpkin soup, pancakes and I'm probably forgetting things. It was the BEST Christmas market I've ever been to. And look at those pretty lights!


I'm a big fan of Maybelline, and I'm majorly into BB creams. I mean, superhigh spf (this one has 30), coverage, moisturizing: what's not to like? Only downside is that most of the BB creams that hit our market are just tinted moisturizer with a tiny bit of spf and the worst orangey or grey color ever, but I quite like this one. I'll review it in depth within the next few days!

I've been super duper into gold eyeliner and eyeshadow since I saw some pictures on pinterest (AH pinterest), but I haven't found THE ONE yet. If you have any tips on where I can find a super glittery, super gold eyeliner or eyeshadow, lemme know. I do quite like this one though, it's a mousse eyeshadow from 2B cosmetics. Lovely as a sparkly finish for a simple festive look like the one above, and great to layer over other colors. I'm wearing the aforementioned BB cream in this picture btw! Not bad eh?


I made some scrumptious lasagne with spinach. Delicious lasagne is delicious.


I received this cute little wallet courtesy of Yapado Pressroom. I've been using the same fiend embossed Misfits wallet since I was 16 and I just cant seem to get rid of it (I still love it). The plastic casing that holds my cards is all ripped up (my boyfriend keeps telling me I'll loose my cards but I'm stubborn), so this Secrid card wallet arrived just in time. I think it's very classy and cute, but I don't see it as a proper replacement for a real wallet: it can hardly hold any cash, and I always have an overstuffed wallet filled with change. I will be using it for my cards though! 

It's a great holiday gift tip btw, instead of rummaging through your cards you just pull a switch on the buttom and BAM all of your cards slide out to be presented in an organized fashion. Not an unnecessary luxury.

So that was my week for you! Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. The heart shaped LED light is adorable, IKEA thinks of everything! :)
    Those pj's are adorable, I love the snowflakes! Also, as for your search for the perfect gold eyeshadow, I would recommend Bare Minerals 'True Gold' eyeshadow. It comes loose in a jar and works beautifully. I've been using it for like four years and still love it.


  2. IK HOU VAN BB CREMES! Ik ben veel te lui om met verschillende fleskes in de weer te gaan 's morgens, dus als ik 1 spul gewoon op mijn gezicht kan kwakken ben ik zeer blij! Ik heb die van Garnier en die is inderdaad een beetje (veel) te oranje, alleen te dragen op donkere feestjes, of als ik er skanky wil bijlopen (WHICH HAPPENS)

  3. looks lovely! I'll be looking for it :)

  4. I totally get that guuuurl skanky is a legit look. Deze is echt een aanrader, mooie teintekes!

  5. Ik hou ook van BB crèmes, ik wil ze allemaal eens proberen :D. Heb die ook van Maybelline, maar ik zie te weinig verschil met mijn naturel gezicht als ik hem op heb. Maar hij ziet er wel goed uit op jouw gezicht! Die van Garnier gebruik ik het meest, maar is idd nogal aan de gelige kant en te vloeibaar. Ik wil ook eens die van Clinique gebruiken, want die is naar het schijnt heel goed :) (maar ook duur). GOTTA LOVE BB CREAMS.

  6. ik heb em in twee lagen aangebracht, de dekking opbouwend en afgewerkt met poeder, toen vond ik em egaliserend genoeg! Maar hij mag idd nog dekkender.

  7. Oh my gosh I love BB creams! I use Dr. Jarts, and I'm in the process of trying all the ones they sell in Sephora (free samples haha) and then I will probably buy it when I know what one is best for my skin. That lasagna looks so delicious.

  8. I want it ALL! :D