G-Star Women's Night

Yo dolls! Last Friday, I was invited to G-Star's Women's Night in their Antwerp store, featuring styling advice by Elle's Anne Poelmans. The night would basically revolve around the different types of G-Star skinny jeans (the LYNN push up, the high waisted RADAR, the 3D ARC, ...), and the brand was feeling generous so all of the bloggers got to bring home some denim (YEAY!). But I was most happy about seeing a couple of my blogger friends again: having an honest job rather than going to university leaves a lot less free time to be all socialite-esque at blogging events. 

Keep reading for my view on the evening and an honest review of the pair of skinnies I picked out.

you know a brand's got swag if they serve their own brand of bubbly, which wasn't half bad btw!

G Star loves bloggers love sushi 

Beautiful orange cocktails were swigged by Sabina

All of the bloggers had to agree on one thing: Donald, G-star rep, is a dapper young lad. I'm not even showing you his fancy moustache, but those shoes, cuffed trousers and statement soxy/sexy socks speak volumes, non? HAWT

You want sea monsters with your denim? YES PLZ.

LOOK THAT'S ME! Sorry for the phone pic quality, but I absolutely love how we're all doing the peace sign, I wasn't even aware of everyone else's poses when I did mine. Muchos love to Sabina, Afrodite, Kim and Elien!

And to Paulien, who has a giveaway and a new lay-out up that you should go and check out right now!

Part of Donald's presentation on G-Star's different types of skinny jeans. I loved this part the best because the model on the left is wearing a new pair of G-Star raw denim, while Donald's pair was just as dark when he bought it but is totally worn in and faded by washing, wear and tear. The sort of denim that basically designs itself while you go about your day, that tells a story about the kind of person you are. That's the kind of piece you'll wear for years and won't throw out, even when it gets all gross and torn up.

I went in looking for a stretchy pair of pale denim since I don't own any light pairs of jeans, but I found G-Star sadly lacking in their selection of nice pale denim. The pairs I tried on weren't comfortable, didn't look as chic as I'd like or were just plain weird on me. I asked the sales assistant for some advice, and they eventually offered me the pair I ended up taking home: the G-Star ARC Super Skinny Superstretch in Raw.

I need some stretch in my jeans because, comfort. Also, non stretchy jeans flatten my ass. Lemme tell you, the stretchiness of this pair is fucking ah-mazing. I kid you not. I've been wearing them two days straight, and these jeans fit 100% the same as when I tried them on in store: comfortable, flattering and ultra stretchy while still feeling thick and sturdy. And I don't know what kind of witchcraft or sorcery is behind those extra seams and panels I've tried to show you in the pictures above, but they absolutely have an effect. Apart from looking ultra fly in a subtly street way, they definitely seem to have a slimming and elongating effect. 

Not that you need it, obvi, because you're flawless guuuurl but if you feel like being EXTRA flawless, these are a great tip. I've never really "gotten" the point of denim with a higher pricetag because, you know, H&M does pretty nice denim as well if you take some time to find the right fit and wash. But I have to admit that these jeans seem to have some special powers. Spending a lot of money on these wouldn't be COMPLETELY bonkers if you have the cash, is all I'm saying.

SO! I hope you enjoyed my review! And if you're down because of, well, Monday tomorrow: try your luck at my two giveaways. BYE!


  1. Ik denk dat veel mensen met deze jeans naar huis zijn gegaan (including me!) omdat de stretch/comfort idd amaziiiiiing is! Zeer comfy gevoel voor een denim, maar blijft er idd ook mooi uitzien!

  2. hij was echt de winnaar van de hoop en past volgens mij bijna iedereen door die amazing stretch.

  3. Ik heb ook een gstar gehad, vind het zeker een fijn merk maar ik steek vaak als ik het kou heb mijn handen onder mijn benen en toen zagen ze af en toe blauw... Dus geeft wel af, maar kan natuurlijk aan mijn model destijds liggen!

  4. Hahah ik ga dood met uw Perez-esque bewerkte foto. Schoon broekske, ik hoop dat dat van mij net zo pretty staat als het eenmaal korter gemaakt is. Midget i am. Het was dolletjes je nog een keertje te zien Bet, doen we snel weeeer (zonder afleiding van gratis shiz!) X

  5. haha OK geen witte onderbroeken dragen dus :D

  6. i'll have my people call your people.

  7. Fijn broekie! Sowieso het meest populaire model van de avond :)
    & thanks for the cutie pic!

  8. Great review on the jeans. I've not heard of that brand before but no harm looking into it =)
    Have you tried 7 For All Mankind jeans? They're great too and I've wearing the skinny jeans I have from them to the core. I think I'll wear it till it runs down on me =D


  9. yes I know the brand and have heard great things about them, but haven't tried them myself! Also, the girls I know who LOVE the brand have more of a tiny waist-broad hip figure than me, so I don't know whether they'd be as awesome on me :(

  10. Zalig! Stretchy jeans beginnen meestal bij mij losser te hangen na 2 dagen, G-star op de wishlist! :D
    De broek staat je gooed en past perfect bij je wedges ;)

  11. Is it weird to say that your ass looks great in those jeans? :) Looks like a fun event! I'm not one to splurge on jeans but I can see what your saying about the higher quality. Lucky you!

  12. Mooi broekje.. fijne review ook. Alleen jammer dat er altijd G-STAR moet opstaan, die lelijke grote letters... en dan die (gele) etiketjes er nog op plakken.. why ?

  13. ik denk dat jeans zowat het enige item is waarbij ik branding niet irritant vind. OK jeans en sneakers!

  14. not weird! and I agree, wouldn't spend as much myself but hey, free swag! :D