Fairisle Sweater, Leopard Coat

sweater: H&M - pants, coat: Zara - boots: Forever21

I love leopard coats, but I've always found it hard to style them. I like them with solid outfits in black or white, but that's lazy styling ya know. I hate it when you can only wear a certain item in one particular way, makes buying it a waste of money and not really an addition to your wardrobe. But since this year, I seem to have found my way to wear leopard and really create a cohesive whole. 

I mean, this outfit is probably busy as fuck to a lot of people, but I think the soft hues work together and all of the pieces give off a luxe-bohemian vibe. I could see someone like Kate Bosworth or Miranda Kerr wearing this. You can find another example of me wearing my leopard coat in a colorful outfit here, which also has some sort of luxe-boho feel. I don't know if there's any secret behind it, but my advice would be to pay more attention to the style of the outfit (i.e. luxe boho, for instance) than to the colors and whether they mesh or not.

You like?

PS: look who we ran into! Roland!

Such a cuddly sweetheart! I'll be getting ready for Christmas this weekend. Excited! You ready for Christmas or aren't you into the whole holiday? And what are your thoughts on leopard coats? :D


  1. I love the leopard coat! Though I see why you might feel like its hard to style. I would just embrace the loudness and look at it as a neutral on its own. I really wanted one for awhile, and now I think I do again!

  2. The coat! The pants! Pretty good looking ;)

  3. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens wat betreft outfits stylen, de feel en stijl moet een beetje cohesive zijn maar wat betreft de kleuren en of die al dan niet vloeken: SKREW DAT. Ik vind deze outfit prachtig trouwens, de zachte kleur van de laarsjes vooral <3 en die jas is natuurlijk fantastisch. Je bent echt een SUPER babe op de 5de foto trouwens.

  4. ja, ja en nog een JA! Deze outfit vind ik geslaagd, en eigenlijk helemaal niet zo druk :-) En mijn gedacht over luipaard jassen? Nay for me, defo a big, fat yay for you!

  5. Goed gestyled! Ik zou het zelf niet dragen, maar perfect voor jou. Erg leuk met de roze broek.

    En Roland <3 glad he's still around.


  6. Especially the coat and boots go really well together!