Awesome Ugly Sweater

sweater: vintage, gift from sister - skirt: Pimkie - fringe boots: Zara - earrings: H&M - coat: Pull&Bear - gloves: c/o Etre

I don't think I've ever been a huge fan of ugly sweaters. I mean, calling a sweater ugly is incredibly arbitrary anyway: what makes a sweater ugly or pretty? Is there a set of rules to discern which sweaters are ugly and which aren't? Like, the fulness of the sleeves should exceed x cm, the print has to be considered obnoxious by at least 8/10 people, the color should be within the fluo range? 

I don't believe in that stuff. If I like a sweater, it obviously isn't ugly to me. And I'm pretty sure that if some hot and trendy designer brings us a new line of out-there sweaters we'll all fawn over them today, to wear them all ironically postmodern in a few years. Or even months, since fashions only change faster and faster, like a revolving door on speed.

ANYWAY, I got this sweater as a gift from my babysis! She saw fluffy, pink, stars and immediately knew it had to become mine. Oh how right she was. I've been looking for a nice star printed item for a while now after falling in love with Sabina's dress, and uhm, should I really explain my love for everything pink and fluffy? Like, seriously? For real? You don't know me, man.

My sweet, adorable boyfriend looked me up and down and told me he found it very disturbing I'd dressed as a Wham! backing vocal today. I agree with him on the description, but not on the disturbing part. I mean, this is totally fashiunz! Like, the boots are totes Isabel Marant, and the top part is totally... Something! FEH, I think the bulkiness of the sweater is nicely balanced out by the big boots and the high waisted, tight skirt. And the coat gives the outfit a bit of (much needed?) class. NO REGRETS.

So, the sweater. LOVE OR HATE?


  1. Total eighties babe! <3 Die trui is perfect voor je, die kleur roze staat echt mooi. En die laarsjes en dat rokje erbij, echt perfect.

  2. 80's ruled and so does this sweater! AMAZING!! You look like a pink cloud <3

  3. With that color and the stars, I'd say I love it! <3

  4. I think this 80's sweater is awesome! Such a fun color and it looks cute paired with the leather skirt. The comment from your boyfriend about you looking like a Wham backup singer made me laugh. It's only true in the best way possible!

  5. All you need is a big explosion of curls on your head... OR wait, no you don't, perfect as it is, this is such a kick-ass Annebeth outfit!


  6. tevergeefs en nutteloos je weet

  7. Such an oxymoron to describe a sweater as awesome and ugly at the same time. I really think sometimes guys just don't know what we women love =D I think you look pretty in this sweater and everything you pair it with is just so cool.

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    x Nicky G