Pamela Mann Coloured Tights Review

sweater: New Look - skirt: Forever21 - boots- Tim's - tights: c/o

Hi guys! It's kind of late since I've had a busy day, but I wanted to show you my new Pamela Mann tights. I've always wanted to order from a website like because of their wide selection of beautifully colored tights, but for some reason I never bit the bullet. Probably because I'm quite picky when it comes to the quality of tights: I really want to get my money's worth and I hate paying a lot for tights that get snagged straight away. Also, the color of the actual items you order online can vary greatly from the pictures offered by the webshop selling the items. So when someone from reached out to me to review their products, I jumped right at that opportunity!

I received a couple of different tights which were all handpicked by me, and I will state my honest opinion on each of them after wearing them in an outfitpost. First up: the Pamela Mann 3D 50 denier tights in Flo Purple. I love me a good pair of coloured tights as you obviously know, and I'm always looking for shades to expand my collection with. I already have navy and baby blue, but I didn't own a more royal blue-purply (or as they call it, BURPLE HAHA) yet. And now I do!

I wore them for two days straight for work, styled in the simple, girly outfit you see above. Now that I've tried them, I can honestly vouch for the quality of the Pamela Mann 3D 50 denier tights, which is much better than most of my other coloured legwear (99% of them via H&M). Thicker, softer, more vibrant and more stretchy: the actual tight seems very small and short if you take them out of the packaging, but they stretch to fit perfectly comfortably. I haven't washed them yet but because of their tighter knit, I imagine that they will stand being laundered better than my H&M tights, with less of a loss of elasticity. Concluding: since they are actually cheaper than most of H&M's basic selection of coloured tights, I would recommend them a thousand times. You really get good quality at a pretty affordable price point.

Shipping costs 6€ which isn't bad, but not for free either. When ordering from I would order in bulk to cut down on shipping costs, or order along with a friend or family member to share expenses. I received my order generously within the suggested time frame (5-10 working days), which always influences my opinion positively.

Hope this is of any help to you! I'm signing off now, I've had a lovely day concluded with Christmas decorations, tomato soup and pecan pie so I am happy as a clam right now. 

Night night!

PS: I was not paid for this post.


  1. coloured tights! <3

    good to know these are better than the h&m's. It's always good to have good options on tights! I will bookmark the site. I love the Camaieu ones too, not just they come in a wide collection of colors, they are durable! I got some from YEARS now.

    Of course, I love the outfit! Simple and colorful, yay

  2. Hmm ben zelf minder fan van een gekleurde panty, vind het altijd zo moeilijk te combineren! Maar het zorgt wel voor een vrolijk detail in je outfit natuurlijk :)

  3. Leuk, al die kleurtje! Ook fan van het rokje !

  4. I know that brand but never tried them before, thanks for the heads up!

  5. Die laatste foto is zooo cute! :D En ik bedoel die van jou, niet die van de taart.
    Leuke outfit ook! Ik laat gekleurde panty's meestal links liggen omdat ik vind dat ze m'n benen zwaarder maken, bummerrr

  6. ik merk het zelf ook als ik heel lichte kleuren draag, maar bij donkere of felle kleuren valt het dan wel weer mee!

  7. ik ken het probleem, het heeft mij erg geholpen om er gewoon anders naar te kijken: ik zie nylons als een deel van de outfit ipv een accessoire (wat ze toch meer zijn als je voor zwart gaat). Meestal kan je een kleur perfect combineren met de volledige outfit, als je de drang maar weerstaat om gewoon zwart+kleur te pakken :D ik vind het hier bijv niet schreeuwerig of raar, gewoon een extra rijk randje.