Happy Holidays!

YO DORKS! I've been away from the computer the past few days because, you know, CHRISTMAS and I've spent all of my time preparing and enjoying. No time for blogging, sorry! But you probably have better stuff to do than reading online anyway, like stuffing your faces and opening presents. 

To tell you the truth, this year is probably the first time in my entire life that I've celebrated Christmas the "proper" way: Christmas shopping for my loved ones, wrapping up gifts and hosting a dinner + Christmas movie celebration. My parents were never into the holiday and we just gave gifts around Sinterklaas so Christmas sort of fell through, and then my entire home situation sort of exploded with everyone leaving and moving abroad and separating and, uhm, dying, so, yeah. This Christmas was special in a very bittersweet way, but mostly sweet. 

I will do a post about my evening with lots of pictures soon, but since I'm almost off to the cinema to go see Wreck-it-Ralph, I've got to hurry up and get ready! I didn't want to leave you without an update for so long, so here I am, with a gorgeous picture my sister snapped on Christmas eve, and my very best wishes for all of you. I hope everyone had a very merry little Christmas, and if not: there's always next year :)

Since this is my very favorite Christmas song (and because the lyrics are very appropriate, describing my own feelings perfectly), I'll leave you with Judy Garland's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Her version is the absolute best.

PS: my tiny Christmas gift to you: a new lay out! Let me know what you think! I wanted something simple and elegant for now. 

PPS: I got a smartphone and I'm on instagram now so keep up with all of my antics and follow me, I'm @stylingdutchman!


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  2. I've been singing that song non-stop! I really love Judy Garland's version, too! Gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Annebeth! =)

  3. Je moet zeggen wat je van wreck-it-ralph vond als je terug bent! Ik ben benieuwd, BOWSER zit erin :D Ik vond het super leuk gisteren <3

  4. Funny pic :D Prettig kerstfeest daar! x

  5. hij was superleuk, echt een aanrader! veel leuke videogame stuff er in en heel inventief qua verhaal vond ik!

  6. Mooie nieuwe lay-out, ik ben fan!
    En nog een hele fijne kerst gewenst!

  7. You are SO cute, and I love the new layout! It's so nice and simple; I've always been a fan of simpler layouts.
    Merry Christmas!