Naughty Monkey Giveaway

I have a party coming up this Saturday, so naturally I spent some free time trying on those fabulous pieces one never gets to wear on a normal day of, say, school or work. I bet you have a few items hanging in your wardrobe that you love with all your heart, yet hardly ever get to take out for a spin. Doesn't that suck? IT SURE DO 

So here I am, prancing around in my LanvinxH&M dress and my new Naughty Monkey shoes. The Lanvin H&M collaboration seems to have gotten a bad rep, but I personally think this dress is a total dreamboat.

dress: LanvinXh&m - shoes: Naughty Monkey - necklace: H&M - belt: Pimkie

Escapism at its best. Do you love quirky, glamorous shoes as much as I do? In that case, it's your lucky day! The awesome people behind Naughty Monkey are offering to gift one of my awesome readers a pair of shoes! 

I KNOW RIGHT? All you have to do isssssss

3) Leave a comment on the Naughty Monkey fb wall saying I sent you and which of the shoes is your fave pair
4) Leave a comment HERE stating your shoesize (very important), which of these 6 lovely styles you'd love to win and your email address

And that's it! This contest is open internationally, so anyone can enter. The winner will be picked on May 2nd.

If you're in doubt, just check their facebook page as they have several bloggers incorporating some of these shoes in outfits. I always google people wearing a certain piece if I can't decide whether I NEED it or not. My fave is obviously this insane pair of multi glitter peeptoes (Heya Hot Stuff), but I really dig Overboard and Marionette as well.. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.


  1. You look SO gorgeous! This shade of red works so well with your skin tone! And of course I'd love to win a pair of gorgeous shoes!

    My shoe size: 38, and my favorite style is Fixation.

    Thanks for the giveaway! xx

  2. That dress is amazing, you look fabulous! There's something I find so glamorous about a red dress.

    My favourite pair would have to be the pair you've chosen (Heya Hot Stuff) I'm such a magpie when if comes to shoes and love anything that sparkles or glitters! Size 6 please (39)

    Charlotte xx

  3. This dress looks soooooooooooooo amazing on you!

  4. AMAZING dress ! Such a good giveaway, I'm so excited! I'm a size 5 (38) and I would LOVE to win the Bourdois pair they would fit into my wardrobe perfectly.

    Thank you for this opportunity


  5. Want some of those Naughty Monkeys on my size 37 feet. Would the sun finally come out when I wear the bright yellow colored Marionettes? I can certainly see them as my first pair of heels in a bold color.

  6. GREAT!!!!!!!! I'd love to have the Garden shoes! My shoe number is 38 and my e-mail address is, crossing my fingers xx

  7. Hi! My shoe size is 39 and I'd love to win the Garden pair! My e-mail address is!

  8. That dress IS amazing. I probably would also not have the guts to wear that out and about, but I assure you I would wear it as soon as I got home, and would eat, sleep, and shower in it. You are one pretty lady!

  9. I love ya hair!
    i love the marionette shoes! yellow shoes with my red hair wud b amaze! size 7,

  10. My size is 41 (i know..) and i'm totally in love with the garden shoes. My emailadress is xx

  11. No shame! Big minds need big feet to support them! :D

  12. Oh my, I think I just died and went to shoeheaven! ;) Never show shoes like that to a shoesaholic like me, it's dangerous! ;) Haha!

    Hmm... Would I go for the "Heya Hot Stuff" or will it be the "Marionette"? It's not easy, they're all so d*mn cute! ;)
    Well, I'm gonna go for the ones you're wearing! I adore the glitters! ;) (I do adore your dress too, it's gorgeous! You look stunning girl!)
    Oh and euhm... A size 38 would look perfect on me! ;)

    I'm following both pages on FB (Nathalie Madsen) and I left a reccomendation on the Naught Monkey page with my fave shoe and telling them I was send by the lovely Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman! ;)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

    Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway, you rock! :)

    (Oh en je mag me gerust ook in het NL aanspreken hoor, aangezien ik een medeBelgje ben...! ;))


  13. Aaah Supermooie jurk, had ik op het moment dat Lanvin uitkwam 200euro over dan hing hij nu ook in mijn kast!
    I'm a size 41 and I love the Fixation shoes!

  14. Done! Love the Garden shoe, I wear a 36. That dress is amazing and looks great with those shoes.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  15. You and me liking the same type of shoes, who would have ever imagined ;)
    Heb een

  16. Sigh.
    Heb een berichtje achtergelaten op de facebookpagina. Heb een 39. Groetjes uit Ierland ;)

  17. Wooooop! I'm so excited to enter this giveaway! You look so gorgeous in your oh-so elegant shoes!
    I would love to 'Fixation' The suede and snakeskin is just divine!
    My shoe size is 8 1/2

    Elizabeth E~

  18. Great giveaway! FB-Anna Ku
    My shoe size: 36 (garden)

    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  19. Awww these shoes are so pwettttttyyy!!!

    I love the Overboard - my size is 38

    eva dot lantsoght at gmail dot com

  20. I love the Garden, they are so cute and summer-ready! my shoe size 37 and email:

  21. I don't think there could be anything better than "Heya Hot Stuff"! SO PLEASE COME TO MAMA
    My shoesize is 37, most of the time. I liked the Naughty Monkey fb-page and I already liked yours. I also left a message. I'm such a good girl, following all the rules.

    The new banner is really cute by the way!

  22. HEya hot stuff in a size 38,5 :D OOh sooo gorgeous and you look amazing!!

  23. Ik ben niet zo het 'op-blogs-reagerende-type', but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely love your blog!
    Maar goed: uitzonderingen moeten gemaakt worden als het gaat om schoenen en zeker en vast zulke prrrrrrrrachtige schoenen! Ik had graag de 'bourdois' in een maatje 39 :) (

    En zo erg voor al die leuke kleren in je kleerkast die het daglicht maar zelden of nooit kunnen zien.. Lanceer een dag waarop iedereen zijn meest feestelijke en over the top jurkje aan doet om te gaan werken!

  24. You look sooo lovely and pretty! Beautiful pictures :)

  25. je moet hier ook posten welke je wil en je email adres! :D

  26. Voor mij Marionette please! Instant zomergevoel, mag wel eens... Mijn schoenmaat is 39 (38 als het grote maten zijn, mss gewoon een 38,5? :p) x

  27. Prachtige schoenen! Wishlist aangevuld; een paar "overboard" zie ik helemaal zitten in een maatje 41.
    Mijn email:

  28. First post en je maakt het meteen moeilijk -.-
    De Overboard schoenen, mail doe maar jade_ najade[at]

  29. het is maar omdat zij de winnaar selecteren, dus kan je beter safe zijn dan sorry als ze geen zin hebben om te zoeken of te vragen :D

  30. I'd like to win Fixation, my size is 38 eur and my email is

  31. Hi!!! I'd like to win Bourdois size 6.5 US!
    FB: Samantha Tedesco

  32. You look gorgeous in these pictures!
    The shoes aren't my thing (you know my style), so I'm going to give someone else the chance to win 'em!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  33. Ooh, keuzes keuzes, ik wil ze allemaal :s. Maar mijn favoriet is toch de fixation!

    Ik heb maatje 39.

    Joke Verhaegen

    Ik 'like' je facebookpagina al en ik heb nu ook de naughty monkey pagina 'geliked'.
    Ik heb er ook al een reactie achtergelaten.


    ps: I love love love you're style and blog!!

  34. and a way for us to contact you? :)

  35. It's worth a try! maatje 37 en de 'Garden' shoes. Let there be height!
    (cause I'm totally lacking)


  36. I liked you and Naughty Monkey on FB (name - Fatema Authoy), and commented there saying you sent me there. I really want to win Marionette (US size 7).


  37. Whew, okay I think I did everything. My fave is the garden pair (I left that info on their FB page) and my shoe size is 5 1/2!

  38. Yay for this! Love your shoes but I think I have enough glitter already so I'm going for the fixation babies! (in size 38)

    Ik vind die jurk persoonlijk ook 'tha bomb'! En de foto was zooooo perfect als nieuwe header! love it.

  39. this entire outfit is perfection! too bad I don't have fb!

  40. I think that dress looks AMAZE on you! I have a vintage blue and black velvet prom dress with really full skirts that has never even seen the light of day - got it in a thrift store for under £5 GBP. I feel so bad every time I see it hanging in there looking forlorn...

    I had a REALLY tough time choosing between the Garden shoes and the Marionettes - but in the end, Garden JUST won out. I'm a shoes size 39, should I be lucky enough to win!

  41. Mijn hemel! Bestaat er iets mooiers dan gewikkeld in tule, frivool te dansen? Ik dacht het niet!
    De talrijke zweetdruppels die van mijn hoofd druipen na een Engelse comment achter te laten bij Naughty Monkey mogen gedept worden met "Fixation" en dan het liefst in maat 38 !!!



  42. Wat een leuke jurk!! Ik heb gelukkig ook een Lanvin for H&M jurk kunnen scoren: die donkerpaarse met zwart tailleband en 1 schouder, pracht van een jurk!! Die van jou heb ik ook aangepast maar die zat me niet zo goed als die andere.

    Anyway, I'm rambling on.. Ik heb maat 39 en vind die heya hot stuff peep toes echt top!! Edgy, girly, sexy,... Alles in één schoen: super!!

  43. ik had graag de overboard (so navy!) in een maatje 39.
    ik heb je facebookpagina en de naughty monkey pagina 'geliked'.
    mijn blog is

    PD: I love the dress!

  44. Heyhey! Als ik win (wat ik zo zotgraag wil, pleeaaase Karma stand by me) zou ik graag de Marionette winnen! Mijn schoenmaat is 39, en het emailadres-to-send-to is :)) Oh and by the way, LOVE THA DRESS! Liefs x

  45. te gek! ik kende de shop nog niet, maar ziet er goed uit! ik ga voor de garden shoe in maat 37. verder ook alles gedaan!

  46. Hi, these shoes look amazing! I would love to win the overboard pair in size 38.

  47. woohoo! you looks stunning in that HOT red dress and wit those beauties on your feet *-*

    FB/name: Szabina Luzics
    I wanna have absolutely lovely GARDEN in size 38 , please!

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  48. Wow erg leuk! Mijn favoriet is overboard! Mijn maat is 39 en email:
    Ik vind de Lanvin jurk trouwens heel goed bij je staan!

  49. The shoes I'd LOVE to win are "Heya hot stuff" in golden tones. I really have a crush on them and I would wear them when partying in Sardinia next summer with a cute dress and a clutch !
    My Facebook name is tiphaine pittet
    email address
    and shoe size EU 38
    and I'm following your blog now, love it :)
    Hope I'll win ♥