Me and Maria

Sometimes, blogging really is amazingly awesome. Like when you meet people who share your passions and interests, and you help each other along because you share the joy? That's what happened when miss Kaat contacted me because she loved my sense of style and my blog. Kaat has an adorable online webstore where she sells her selection of beautiful, girly, vintage style garments. Me and Maria is a tribute to her grandmothers who were both named Maria, and both fabulous and inspiring women who had the proverbial passion for fashion and passed it on to their granddaughter. 

Kaat sent me an email offering to send over a dress for me to give a happy home and to style. Of course I said yes! And I am delighted to give her store a platform on my blog. DO go check out her amazing selection of vintage style dresses. I can tell you that the dress I chose is even more gorgeous in real life than in pictures: great quality, lovely details and absolutely 100% my cup of tea. My package was delivered in no time at all (ordered one day, delivered the next) and came in a pretty box, wrapped in paper.  Sadly, stores like Modcloth have AMAZING stuff but it costs so much to have it delivered to Belgium. If you have drooled over Modcloth stuff time and time again in the past, but let the shipping costs deter you from putting in an order, don't hesitate to check out Me and Maria!

If you live outside of Belgium or speak English and have questions about shipping or sizes, shoot Kaat a mail over at! If you want to keep an eye on what happens over at her webshop, you can also like her on facebook.

Just wait until you see this one in action, I snapped the loveliest pictures with the help of my guy. Enjoy your saturday night!


  1. Loved hearing the history behind her shop- so interesting! Beautiful dress too, can't wait to see you lookin' fab in it. Great job to Maria!

  2. Och, ik werk soms met Kaat samen tijdens mijn studentenjobke! Ik wist helemaal niet dat zij achter me and maria zat :) Kleine, kleine wereld. Goede keuze trouwens, Annebeth, echt een mooi kleedje.

  3. Its a beauty! I cannot wait to see you in it!!

    x Aliya

  4. Looks so gorgeous! Yes I absolutely cannot wait to see this styled by you.

  5. Oh, ik heb zeker al van Me and Maria gehoord! :) Als ze op Facebook een giveaway houdt, is heel mijn Dashboard volgespamd! Ik heb nog een erger verhaal over Modcloth: een paar jaar terug had ik zo met drie vriendinnen samen een bestelling geplaatst (omwille van de verzendingskosten), zo elk wat kettingen en oorbellen. Kregen we toch geen douanekosten van 80 EURO! Echt superfrustrerend, vooral omdat het echt zo een mini-bestelling was in een doos van 1 meter breed >< Echt nooit meer!

    Ben benieuwd naar uw 'interpretatie' haha maar goed bezig, 't is niet direct iets dat ik zou kopen maar wel keischoon allemaal!:)