Maasmechelen Village - Art of the Detail

I have a confession to make. I have this thing for vintage and retro stuff. No really! I know you'd never have guessed, right? Well now you know! Another confession: I haven't seen The Artist yet. I'm pretty sure the movie is amazing and I for one don't mind silent or black and white movies at all, but my boyfriend is a whiny kid who hardly ever wants to go to the movies with me so I missed out. Apparently, silly boyfriends not wanting to watch movies or tv with their doting girlfriends isn't something only I am experiencing: during a bit of a girly gossip slash feeling sharing sesh, my sister told me her dude is just the same. WHAT is up with that, guys? Why is the internet so much more interesting than a movie? UGH

Anyway, back to this post: I love basically everything dainty and whimsical and vintage, so this little The Artist-esque video gets my vote of approval. Also, do you DIE for those huge espadrille wedges? I do I do I do! Perfect to give any type of girl wobbly Alexa legs in the best way possible! But this vid isn't about that, it's about cute azzezzories and a doggie and a cute guy looking all sportsy in the pool for no apparent reason and stripes! I totally would have went with the tortoise shell sunnies btw, lady-in-video. All of this sparkly sparkle was brought to your attention for one reason: to let you know that accessories are the bomb diggity, and to notify you that Maasmechelen Village is offering you the chance to win a Furla Candy bag (all bright and seethrough and lush) or an equally amazing Michael Kors purse in Ostrich leather! Click through to enter the competition, and good luck!

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  1. love the pink michael kors - cute

  2. Leuk, ga mijn kans wel wagen voor één van de tassen :)