Green, Navy, Mustard, Stripes

coat, skirt, tights: H&M - shoes: Primark - sweater: Think Twice - feather scarf: Zara

The only way I can get a teeny tiny bit of spring (the season) into my step (see what I did there?) is by wearing fun colors. Around the time of Easter, what better color is there to wear than shades of green and yellow? To avoid looking like a gigantic daffodil, I added some grounding shades of navy which is SO prominent in my closet it has basically become a neutral. And of course, some print. I love me some print. 

By adding some other details like the navy base and the stripes, I avoided making this outfit just another colorblocking deal. Not that I dislike colorblocking (not anymore at least), but it gets very tired, very quickly. Not something you can play around with much, it's all "hey look at me I'm colorblocking!" and I don't like that. As much as I wear outfits that are very loud compared to your Average Joe, I always try to create some kind of harmony in my combinations. That's my style philosophy.

And would you look at my hair? It looks GLORIOUS. The remnants of my hot roller experiment are still visible in the form of waves and body my hair doesn't tend to have on its own. Still LOVING the red btw.


  1. I love this outfit, especially the feather scarf, looks really cool! your hair still looks amazing.. xx

  2. That last picture is really beautiful! I love the combination of the colours and the navy print! The coat and scarf are superb btw

  3. Your hair looks like it's getting so much longer now!! And I definitely love the red and curls in it, gonna have to get myself some of those rollers!! Loving all the colours in the outfit =)

  4. heel erg mooie kleuren! looking pretty :)

  5. Mooie lentekleurtjes! Staat je leuk :)