Faux Fur Coat, Pink Pompom

coat: thrifted - leggings, dress, hat: H&M - boots: Texto - earrings: Forever21 - watch: c/o Swatch

Sorry for the butt load of pictures, but I just like these SO much so I wanted to share all of them! Ah Antwerp, I heart u. Doesn't this fountain (turned off and dried up for the winter) look almost like an ice rink in this cold, Christmassy setting? I can't skate, so this was a perfect solution for me. OK I can skate, but only if it's in a straight line and I don't have to slow down or anything. I shouldn't sell myself short.

When I found this coat at our local goodwill for 12€ I almost threw up in my mouth a bit because of how AWESOME it is. As soft as a teddy bear, perfectly oversized AND a hood??? Can any winter coat be any more ideal? Like really, I want you to describe an even better winter coat to me. This coat could only be better if its pockets were lined with freshly baked pizza

I went for a Scandinavian vibe with this outfit: warm and snuggly with knit accessories, a minimalist, structural A-line dress and some futuristic, abstract printed leggings. Absolutely an outfit I'm proud of, even though it's quite simple. Another plus was matching Sabina on our meet-up in Antwerp: black faux-fur buddies! And the snuggly coats were absolutely a must since it has gotten ridiculously cold all of a sudden. It even snowed a bit this morning.

view from our bedroom window

But I'd be lying if I said I didn't really love the snow, even if it necessarily comes with cold. Snow makes me feel like a kid again.

EDIT: and because we forgot to take a picture of the two of us together, here are Sabina and me in a BROODIFUL photoshop collage!



  1. I also couldn't choose between the pictures, they were so good ^^
    We totally should've have taken pictures of us together, though :( Loving your outfit, I couldn't pull these leggings + dress off. Not even a combination I'd think of.

  2. leuke outfit en vooral heel mooie make-up hier :-)

  3. jaaaa ik bedacht het me ook vandaag, superjammer dat we geen foto's hebben van ons samen! volgende keer is dat no 1 on our list e!

  4. Die derde foto is supermooi! Zachtroze en zwart, topcombinatie :)

  5. Cute hat, leggings and gloves! When I first saw your blog on the blogger dashboard I thought it looked like it had snowed - then realised it wasnt snow ... only to see furthur down it had actually snowed LOL

    Sal x

  6. Absoluut fan van deze look. You look so cutesie!

  7. Zo mooi hoe je lippen bij je muts passen!

  8. Oh geweldige jas :) ik heb ongeveer zo eentje maar dan uit fleece, ook super warm! En als je het niet zei dan dacht ik: schone foto van die twee. You've got photoshop skillzzz;)

  9. Yay for pom pom hats! = Totez adorbz :D En nice photoshop skillz! Behalve Sabina's gebrek aan schaduw zou je het echt niet zeggen

  10. Wish we have a white Christmas here! Love both your looks!


  12. Antwerp looks awesome and I really have to go there one day. Loving the matching black faux fur coats... and actually that's quite a decent collage!

  13. Love those leggings! The floral print is really unique looking. Hopefully it will warm up by the time I get there in May :)

  14. that reminds me I totally have to reply to your email, so sorry I forgot!!

  15. No problem! I've got a bit of time :)

  16. I have just found your blog and I'm so glad! I'm always excited when I discover fellow Belgian bloggers. Eigenlijk kon ik dit ook in het Nederlands zeggen maar dat voelt een beetje vreemd haha.

  17. Hello Annebeth,

    I really love your look! (And it's totally your fault if I'm now looking for a colorful knit hat like yours ^^) Antwerp does look beautiful in the snow!

    Every Friday, I publish on my blog a selection of the week's 8 best looks, and yours is one of the chosen few :) The article will go online tonight around 7 pm. Hope you like it!



  18. These Faux
    Fur Jackets
    look great. You have some terrific pictures. I bought a very similar coat at Burlington Coat Factory. They were about half the price I had seen it for elsewhere and I love the way they look this time of year.


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