Church Style

sweaterdress: Zara - liquid leggings: Pimkie - boots: Forever21

A quite minimalist look today, consisting of only three pieces in muted shades of grey and black. I still think this outfit has enough textural differences (knit, leatherlook, suede) to be interesting. I've owned this sweater dress for years and years, but I only now realized that it is actually meant to be worn this way. I used to wear it as a cardigan with the zipper in front! I love it much better like this.

As you can see, we took these pictures in our local church. My sister and me wandered into the building because we had spotted some weird contraption going in through one of the stained glass windows and wanted to find out just exactly what it was. We never settled that deal, but we were quite awestruck (again) by how beautiful yet daunting a church can be. I was constantly jumpy whenever there was any type of noise, scared shitless that some priest would barge in and shoo us out for defiling these sacred grounds by taking pictures but thankfully, we survived undetected. I just wanted to capture the serene beauty of the building! :(

And don't you think my outfit evokes monk habits, medieval pageboys and squires? Totally matches the church setting, even if we didn't plan it.

Have a lovely Saturday night!


  1. haha ik zou dat sowieso niet durven :D leuke foto's zijn het wel zeker geworden, supermooi!

  2. Zalig :D echt wel ballz hebben; foto's zijn echt cool!

  3. Ik wou juist vragen of je je foto's zelf neemt haha. Ik vind kerken meestal echt enorm mooi. En kapelletjes nog meer :) x

  4. soms zelf met statief, soms mijn lief, soms vriendinnen of andere bloggers, soms mijn zus!

  5. Heel heel mooie outfit, zou ik ook zo dragen!

  6. I'm sold with the outfit and the first photo, Annebeth. Happy Weekend! <3

  7. DEM BOOTS *drools everywhere*. And you're right, I think your outfit does look a bit medieval! The sweaterdress even looks a bit like chainmail, kind of? Haha. I am fascinated by churches also, I think it makes a lovely background for your photos! :D


  8. Is that the church in Melle? I seem to recognize it but of course a lot of churches look alike.

  9. I'm not really a church kind of girl, but I do like your sweaterdress :)

  10. I'm not religious, AT ALL, but I do like the atmosphere in those sacred places.

    Churches, cemeteries... I love 'em.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  11. HEEL mooie sweaterjurk! Da's echt zalig, zo'n uitgesproken textuur (en eigenlijk sowieso ook fan van minimalistisch)

  12. This sweater dress is so cool with the zipper in the back! I love how simple this outfit is, while still being interesting with the different textures.

  13. I love this! You had me all set to run to Zara and buy that sweater dress tomorrow, so I'm kind of disappointed you'd had it for years. Either way, this is exactly how I wish I was dressing these days, and obviously not at all how I actually am dressing. Love it, and love the pictures!

  14. so sorry! I bet you could find similar pieces at COS though, and they have an online shop so I suggest you check them out! I bet you'd look gorgeous in this outfit, very relaxed-sophisticated. And isn't that ANYONE's aspired look?

    I love these at COS:

    I'll take one of each plz


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