Ton Sur Ton Red Dr. Martens

dress, coat: H&M - scarf, tights: Pimkie - boots: Dr. Martens - sunglasses: ASOS

I don't wear these boots nearly enough, sadly. I'm just not a big wearer of red these days, and if you wear these with a super simple outfit in all neutrals, they just remind me of Ronald McDonald. And he's super creepy yo. Not even in a stylish way. But I really unexpectedly adored the docs with these burgundy tights. Ton sur ton YO. Almost always a good idea. Also, perfect for the holidays! I actually wore this to go shopping for Christmas presents, so yeah these pictures are quite old already but ya know sometimes that's just how things go, maaaan.

I'm watching The Sound of Music at the moment. I AM Maria. Probably my very favorite flick to watch during the holiday season, and I have quite a long list!  Not just family friendly entertainment like The Sound of Music though, I'm crazy about Bad Santa as well. I think I've seen it every year since it came out, and I never get tired of it. Also: Love Actually. I don't think Christmas counts if I haven't seen those three movies somewhere around the 25th.

Do you have favorite holiday movies? And what do you think of the ton sur ton action?

Christmas Outfit

I still had these pictures lying around and since it would be completely silly to post these way after Christmas, here they are! Just me, frolicking around in my Christmas eve outfit, being supremely silly and slightly in love with our annual Christmas nativity scene donkey, Barney. Such a sweetheart! Tip: he goes crazy for sugarcubes. And if you've been reading long enough, you probably recognize him from last year's Christmas :)

dress: ASOS - coat: Pull&Bear - sneakerwedges: Ebay - feather boa: Zara - watch: c/o Swatch

You might recognize this dress from the sales wishlist I posted a few days ago. Yes, it was one of those things that are bad and good luck at the same time: I ordered this dress when it was marked down to 24€, waited and waited and didn't receive my package. After mailing ASOS they told me my order couldn't be delivered and they refunded me. I checked back with the dress, saw my size was still available and that the dress had been further marked down to 16€. I ordered, and received my perfect dress on the day before Christmas! Now, could there be a more perfect way for unfortunate events to turn out?

And let me tell you, you should ALL order it. This dress is comfortable, soft, texturized PERFECTION. Ah! Get it here.

I'm signing off. Bye!

Boxing Day Outfit: Casual Sequins

top, skirt, tights: H&M - earrings: gift - boots: Tim's - coat: c/o Kirilove for Vero Moda - scarf: vintage

This is the outfit I wore on boxing day. I still wanted a bit of holiday cheer in my styling, so I went for a comfortable, casual combination featuring this gorgeously sparkly skirt I don't wear nearly enough. I'm wearing almost ALL of my wearable Christmas gifts here, so it's a damn Christmas miracle that all of it sort of goes together... OR DOES IT? I totally think it does. The red tartan pulls it all together with holiday merriment.

The earrings, the navy long sleeve and the Kate Moss for Rimmel London 05 lipstick were all gifts that I couldn't wait to wear (obviously) so wearing them was exactly what I did as soon as I got the chance. You might not know this about me, but I am a bit obsessed with casual cotton long sleeve shirts, so I was stoked to unwrap this one on Christmas eve.

The lipstick is a bit peculiar: I've seen swatches of the 05 on other people looking very pink, but it looks more like a soft, neutral watermelon red on yours truly. The smell and texture are truly amazing btw, so I would probably wear this with glee even if it looked like shit! I'll swatch it for you one of these days and get you some close ups.

Talking about make up: I'm totally obsessing over Sleek's True Color lipsticks and will probably be ordering some within the next few days. I've already decided I'm getting Amped, but for my second shade I'm torn between Papaya Punch, Heartbreaker and Pink Freeze. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS

And that's a wrap, folks! Let's start getting ready for New Year's eve! I wish we did presents for New Year's as well :( MOAR PRESENTS


My Merry Little Christmas

So! I invited my mom and sis over for Christmas eve (my very first REAL Christmas eve with presents and dinner and a merry movie) and it was glorious. I want to start by thanking my boyfriend for going along with all of my stressful, last minute preparations because I really needed a pick-me-up in these dark and dreary times. Even though he hates shopping for presents and was feeling quite ill the entire time we had to brave the masses on those last days before Christmas. Now that's true love!

Just look at him rolling his eyes but going along with my cheesiness! 

I did my best to shop for personal, small (but not cheap crap) gifts and had a lot of fun wrapping all of it up in shiny, colorful paper. Seeing all of your hard work build up to a pile of bright packages in all shapes and sizes is almost as good as actually unwrapping your gifts. Almost. I got moisturizing body cream (for the dry, itchy skin on my back), a mirrored tea cup (both from Rituals), a Kate Moss for Rimmel London lipstick, chandelier earrings, a perfectly pink scarf, a 50€ gift card for COS, a Christmas ornament, The Muppet Christmas Carol dvd (which we watched to conclude our Xmas eve) and some fuschia pan coasters. Hope I'm not forgetting anything, but I really loved all of my gifts and especially the thought that went into them.

The presents weren't the only treat though: I also made an effort to put together a tasty, festive meal that wasn't too rich or heavy. After discussing it with my sis and guy I settled on quiche as a starter, gratin dauphinois and cod with winter vegetables en papillote as a main and apple pie with ice cream for dessert.

Enough talk, time for pictures!

My gold, Christmassy eye make up. Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like gold shimmers.

My sis brought these awesome reindeer headbands I wish I could wear ALL YEAR

Look at all the pretty colors and ribbons!

Setting the table for dinner and dying a little over how adorable my paper napkins and tablecloth are! Got them at Albert Heijn.

Parchment paper cut into a heart to make my cod papillotes

Get cooking: cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsnip, leak, onion, thyme, lemon and kholrabi with my cod. Will put up detailed instructions and a recipe up one of these days!

Starter, main and dessert: all of it scrumptious!


My sis is a total whino (with amazing hair)

Swiffer was more excited about the crunchy colorful wrapping paper: his faaaave thing in the world.

And that's it! I hope you felt some of the holiday cheer with these pictures, and that your day was at least as amazing as mine. Bye!

Happy Holidays!

YO DORKS! I've been away from the computer the past few days because, you know, CHRISTMAS and I've spent all of my time preparing and enjoying. No time for blogging, sorry! But you probably have better stuff to do than reading online anyway, like stuffing your faces and opening presents. 

To tell you the truth, this year is probably the first time in my entire life that I've celebrated Christmas the "proper" way: Christmas shopping for my loved ones, wrapping up gifts and hosting a dinner + Christmas movie celebration. My parents were never into the holiday and we just gave gifts around Sinterklaas so Christmas sort of fell through, and then my entire home situation sort of exploded with everyone leaving and moving abroad and separating and, uhm, dying, so, yeah. This Christmas was special in a very bittersweet way, but mostly sweet. 

I will do a post about my evening with lots of pictures soon, but since I'm almost off to the cinema to go see Wreck-it-Ralph, I've got to hurry up and get ready! I didn't want to leave you without an update for so long, so here I am, with a gorgeous picture my sister snapped on Christmas eve, and my very best wishes for all of you. I hope everyone had a very merry little Christmas, and if not: there's always next year :)

Since this is my very favorite Christmas song (and because the lyrics are very appropriate, describing my own feelings perfectly), I'll leave you with Judy Garland's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Her version is the absolute best.

PS: my tiny Christmas gift to you: a new lay out! Let me know what you think! I wanted something simple and elegant for now. 

PPS: I got a smartphone and I'm on instagram now so keep up with all of my antics and follow me, I'm @stylingdutchman!

Sales Wishlist FW1213

I love sales and I love wishlists. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into the crowds and the hunt for huge piles of stuff you "like" but don't "love" and are only putting in your basket because it is SO DARN CHEAP, but the sales are the best time to buy the items that have been on your wishlist for ages. No sense in spending more money if you can do it for less, AMIRITE? But don't let yourself get sucked into the quicksand of marked down prettiness, because that shine will fade and you're just wasting cash rather than saving it. Also, bad for the environment yo.

Preparation is everything! First, ask yourself what is the item you've been missing the most while standing in front of your wardrobe the past few months? This is the item you'll need to stock up on, because you need more than one option. The basis of your wardrobe. For me, this boils down to grown up, elegant, high quality yet affordable dresses I can wear to work but still feel "me" in. Something I can wear sophisticated with a blazer or scruffed up with some boots. My criteria: short, sleeves, COMFORTABLE, interesting and wearable both during winter + the transitional seasons. These are all on my wishlist, and I sneakily already ordered the ASOS bouclé dress since it was considerably marked down. Yeay!

sales wishlist: Work Dresses

ASOS flare dress
€33 -

ASOS shift dress
€15 -

Zara faux leather dress
€60 -

Zara striped dress
€68 -

Second: what items do you want very bad, but don't necessarily need? Something that will add interest to your wardrobe and can be styled in a bajillion different ways. Something you fell in love with and want to try for the first time, something that feels like "future and improved you". Or, you know, just something purdy. This season I fell in love with these hologram-esque H&M skinnies which are just 18€ (INSANE). I seriously need them, they are too crazy to resist. And at that price, I can justify their silliness.
Another thing I'm looking for is the perfect pair of boyfriend denim. I want them to be slightly tapered + cropped, and not too distressed since I still want that effortlessly classy look. Great with boots! And tartan pants because: tartan. I can never resist a good slice of prep.

sales wishlist: pants

H&M loose jeans
€25 -

H&M low jeans
€18 -

Ralph lauren pants

(the Ralph Lauren pair isn't exactly in my price range but Zara offers nice tartan pants as well!)

Third: the pieces that keep getting away. Something you keep putting off buying even though you love it (my Viktor& Rolf perfume, since my bottle has run dry :(), or some kind of holy grail of perfection you can't seem to decide on  finally getting (perfect motorcycle boots, a crazy colored faux fur coat, an expensive, classy winter coat). These are my dreamboats I should just find and buy already, especially when they get discounted!

sales wishlist: the ones that keep getting away

Cropped jacket
€28 -

Steve Madden mid calf boots
€130 -

Viktor rolf
€81 -


Black leather coat
€80 -

Long coat
€205 -

Massimo Dutti wool coat
€280 -

(again, last two aren't exactly in my price range, but if they'd get discounted 50% I'd totally go for it. An elegant wintercoat is worth some dough in my opinion, makes me feel like a grown up)

So! What are you looking for this time around? You can find the rest of my wishlist over at my pinterest board.