Review: cleansing sensitive skin - Rituals Sensational Soft Cleanser

You guys, I think I just discovered a new holy grail product. After my stint with Philosophy's Purity made simple, I realized that what my skincare routine needed was a good cleanser. I had tried a Demak'up cleansing gel for sensitive skin a while ago but it basically made my skin burn of dryness, so that one was a fail, but the Philosophy product gave me hope that there was a cleanser out there for me. I was just about to pick up a new bottle of Purity made simple, but I went to Rituals first to buy a new deodorant (Rituals' deodorants are the bombbb), and then this Sensational Soft Cleanser caught my eye.

rituals sensational soft cleanser for sensitive skin review

I read the description on the back, and was intrigued: apparently, this is a gel cleanser which you apply to dry skin, after which it turns into oil upon massaging it into your make up. After your make up has dissolved into the oil, you can wipe off the residu with a wet washcloth (or a dry one, depending on your preferences). Let me demonstrate. I used it to rub off some swatches I had made for an upcoming review. Now, let me tell you: these kohl pencil swatches are not easy to remove. I had already swatched a couple of them before, and there remained traces of colour on my hand after two showers, I kid you not. I definitely put this cleanser to the test!

rituals sensational soft cleanser for sensitive skin review

Perfectly clean. I just wiped off the oil with a dry washcloth, and my skin is clean, soft and absolutely not dry or tight. Using water rather than a washcloth is the best for delicate facial skin, by the way, because rubbing can irritate your skin, which is exactly why this product is great for sensitive skin. You don't have to rub, you just gently massage the product in and rinse off. I've used it on my face, and the process is just as soft to my skin and eyes as when I used Purity made simple, but I prefer this Rituals cleanser because of the oil effect being super awesome. Almost like MAGIC! I actually sort of look forward to washing my face tonight because of the gel-to-oil cleanser. Don't judge me.

The Rituals Sensational Soft Cleanser retails at 13.50€ for 125ml, very affordable and totally worth it if you ask me.

Have you discovered new holy grail products recently?

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