Outfit: Double denim and Zinda sandals

casual outfit: denim shirt, grey skinnies, snakeskin sandals and cross body bag
casual outfit: denim shirt, daniel wellington watch, cross body bag
outfit: daniel wellington watch, diamanti per tutti rings, lobogato necklace
zinda snakeskin sandals
outfit: casual in denim shirt, grey skinnies and zinda snakeskin sandals
daniel wellington watch, grey skinnies, zinda sandals
long layers hair
outfit: casual in denim shirt, grey skinnies and zinda snakeskin sandals
denim shirt, cross body bag: H&M - skinny jeans: Noisy May - sunglasses: c/o Polette - watch: c/o Daniel Wellington - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - necklace: c/o Lobogato - sandals: c/o Zinda

Last weekend, the sun was shining so brightly it was actually warm enough to go out in bare legs or sandals, so that's what I did. Nothing relaxes me like those first sunny days of almost-spring, melting away my stress and worries until all I feel is the warm rays on my skin. I was wearing a cami under my denim shirt, and that was actually one layer too many when we were out in the sun! I was happy to be wearing my (awesome, gorgeous) sandals.
Ah, sandals. Every year, my love affair with this perfect shoe type begins again. If I lived somewhere warm I would wear sandals every. single. day. I just love having the freedom to wiggle my toes, and a good pair of sandals is more comfortable than just about any other shoe. I already miss my birks so much! This pair of Zinda sandals is a great addition to my wardrobe because they are just a bit more formal than birkenstocks, for example. The thick, brogue-like sole and the classic colour palette with-a-twist will work lovely with professional outfits without sacrificing the comfort and the laid-back feel I love so much.

Have you already sneaked some spring-adaptations into your wardrobe? :-)


  1. aaaaha love it! mooie accessoires ook

  2. die eerste dagen semi-lente zijn echt al zo zalig, kijk al uit naar de komende maanden <3

  3. You're rocking the double denim! Hooray for being able to break out your sandals too. I'm kind of ready to be able to wear all my open toed shoes again!

    Jamie | www.petitepanoply.com

  4. Schone sandalen! Mijn zoektocht naar een nieuw paar heeft tot nu toe niet veel opgeleverd :( maar ik kijk al uit naar elke dag waar we weer elke kunnen rondlopen in zomer-outfits :D trouwens ik spot u bekende hand-pose ;)