Outfit: grey skinny jeans, oversized cardigan

outfit: long grey coat, grey skinny jeans
oversized zara cardigan, grey skinny jeans
and other stories handbag, daniel wellington watch
outfit: grey skinny jeans, oversized cardigan
brunette curls
and other stories handbag, oversized Zara cardigan
outfit: grey skinny jeans, zinda ankle boots, and other stories handbag
outfit: grey skinny jeans, long grey coat
coat: H&M - t-shirt: COS - skinny jeans: Noisy May - ankle boots: c/o Zinda - handbag: & Other Stories - cardigan: Zara - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

I've been trying to fill the grey-skinny-jeans-shaped hole in my wardrobe for about half a year now, and I finally found a pair that has the right wash and colour, is comfortable AND flatters my figure when I spotted the Noisy May table at Vero Moda. You never know how hard it is to find a certain item until you want it, you know? And the longer you look for it, the more the want becomes a need. Grey jeans became this thing in my mind that would solve all my uninspired outfit days, those mornings when I would just pull out leggings AGAIN. No more leggings!!8!88 Ok yeah still leggings, but not every other day. Actual pants are just a bit more versatile when it comes to picking tops to pair them with, and grey is just such a lovely neutral shade to go with everything, and the lighter colour eases my wardrobe from winter into spring. I get so tired of wearing black all the time during the colder months, so now I've resorted to wearing grey all the time. Much better.

This oversized cardigan: best buy ever. I will probably cry a little when I inevitably wear holes into it. Won't take long if I keep wearing it as often as I've been doing for the last half year. Hope you like the outfit! :-)

PS: I just found out that if I curl my hair after washing, use hairspray and maintain volume and non-stankiness with dry shampoo, I can make my hair maintain texture and waves up until the next wash about 5 days later. WIN. Watching Pretty Little Liars makes me covet perfect hair and make up every single day, so I broke out my curling iron again. Those Rosewood High girls don't mess around, man.


  1. Thank you, it was a great success! I've gotten much better at curling iron usage since I started to just ignore the clasp :D

  2. Love this look! And your hair looks amazing, too. Is PLL good?? I've never seen it. Also, I know those feels about grey jeans...feels like I've been looking for those and a pair of black jeans for forever now.

  3. Ugh I LOVE PLL, it's this great form of light entertainment to end the day with, but it also has all of these lovely coming of age elements, the characters experience actual growth, and there is NO male gaze. Like, the girls are all pretty, of course, but I also feel like their bodies are realistic in a way that I haven't seen in mainstream teenage girl focused series/movies since the late 90s/early 00s. Everyone got so perfect and skinny and toned, while the PLL girls actually look healthy and real. It does have a lovely dosage of female gaze, which I also think is great. And the girls have NO drama between them, they are actually great friends. I can definitely give PLL my feminist stamp of approval :D

  4. LOVE IT! mooie tinten gebruikt ook en uw haren zijn amaaaaazballs hier!

  5. YOUR HAIR. I have to try this, now. You are gorgeous. And I love this whole outfit! It looks so perfectly chic and comfortable at the same time. That cardigan, especially... I need one.

  6. Bij deze wil ik u vooral verbieden om ooit nog u haar te laten knippen :D

  7. Die mantel! Die cardigan! Super stijlvol met de skinny jeans. Mooie handtas, ook! :) Wacht... 5 dagen tot de volgende wasbeurt? Ik wou dat ik dat kon...

  8. Hééééél mooie look. Ik ben al even op zoek naar het perfecte grijze shirt (klinkt dit random?!) en dat van jou komt heel dicht in de buurt. Op naar Cos!

  9. Su-per-mooie laarsjes! (En jas, en broek,...) :) Zouden die laarsjes nog ergens te koop zijn? Of weet iemand de naam van dit model?

  10. Hey AnneM! Ik zie ze jammer genoeg niet meer op de webshop van Zinda... Ik weet wel dat de volgende winkels het merk verkopen:


    3500 HASSELT




    3150 TILDONK

    PHONE: +3216617171



    8000 BRUGGE

    PHONE: +32050334714

    Anders kan je bij hen eens checken of ze nog modellen uit de wintercollectie hebben staan?