Beauty: And Other Stories Pucker Coral, Glazé Pink, Sempiternum Brick and Tiretaine Blush review

Hi guys! I was sent over a batch of items from one of my favourite beauty/jewelry/accessory destinations, & Other Stories. You know I love their CC quad and their contouring cream, so I was very exciting to thoroughly check out the rest of their offering. On the menu today:

Also, some tasteful, artistic nudity.

and Other Stories make up review and swatches

Ah, look at those lovely pale pinks and bright oranges! This colour palette immediately makes me excited for spring. I have to admit, the bright orange intimidated me a bit, because I don't usually go for orange: not the best colour on me. However, that doesn't mean I can't review the quality of these products for you guys out there who do look stunning in orange.

Let's start with the pale pinks, first up: Glazé Pink.

glazé pink: And Other Stories nail colour review and swatches
also wearing Veritas' silver foil tattoo.

These are my nails after two layers of Glazé Pink. The colour is not opaque, but not too streaky either: the look is just fine. The formula of this nailpolish is rather thick, though, which never bodes well for sheer nailpolishes. You tend to apply lots of layers, and the thicker types of formula always chip easily when I layer them up. That also happened here. I was not overly impressed by the quality-price ratio, you could get this look and this quality for a lower price because the shade is not very unique. However, & Other Stories has a number of amazing, classy yet trendy shades that I would love to get my greasy little hands on (Orchid mauve! Damask rosé! Bouclé greige! Côtelé ocean!), so I'm not ready to write off their nail colour collection just yet.

Next up: Tiretaine Blush matte eye colour.

tiretaine blush: And Other Stories eye colour review and swatches

Totally matte eye colours in a shade close to my own skintone never quite make me jump for joy, there just isn't much of a result, but products like these always turn out to be a workhorse whenever you want to create a subtle backdrop for, say, a cat eye. The eyeshadow is very soft and quite easy to work with, but also very powdery so it would work best with a primer underneath to maximize its staying power. If you ask me, this product is definitely too expensive for what it is.

Cheek & lip tint, coming right up!
pucker coral: And Other Stories cheek and lip tint review and swatches

Ah, Pucker Coral. I'm wearing the product on my lips as well as my cheeks here, to show you all it can do. As a lip product, the texture is very unique. Light, smooth and almost powdery after applying, but not too drying in my opinion. As a blush, the product really shines: supremely blendable, melts into the skin and lending a natural, healthy glow to your cheeks. The colour is too light and too yellow/warm on me, fighting with my own natural blushing cheeks which are quite pink, but I would like to revisit the shade when I have a bit of a tan going on in the summertime. And more importantly, trying Pucker Coral really, REALLY makes me want to run over to & Other Stories to try all the other cheek & lip tints asap. There has to be one shade perfect for my cheeks right now :-( Definitely worth the 15€ pricetag, especially since cream blushes are hard to come by, and cream blushes always look more natural than powder blushes.
A quick heads up, though: the colour of this product is totally off on the website. Pucker Coral is not a neutral, skintone peachy pink, but a bright orange.

Finally, the demi-matte lipstick Sepiternum Brick. 

Sempiternum brick: And Other Stories lipstick review and swatches
amaga female frontal nudity

Sempiternum brick: And Other Stories lipstick review and swatches

I was super excited to try this one on for size, because I am kind of a lipstick hoarder. Don't hold it against me. Nothing finishes a look quite as perfectly as swiping on the perfect shade of lipstick, and this sorbet orange is unlike anything I already have in my collection. Now, for starters, the colour does not look amazing on me because it is very pale and very orange. However, the quality is stellar. I don't think I've ever tried any pale lipstick (paler than my natural lip colour) that gives such a lovely, opaque, even finish. Sepiternum Brick (brick??? it's sorbet!) does not emphasize any flakiness on my lips, which is something that light lipsticks in unnatural colours ALWAYS tend to do in my experience. I also love its demi-matt finish, which almost looks gel-like because of how opaque the colour is. In short, I think this lipstick absolutely deserves its 15€ pricetag.

Btw, confession time: I have already caved and bought another, darker, more wearable orange lipstick since swatching these products made me realize that orange is an awesome colour and there has to be a version out there that works for me. I've been wearing it non-stop since.

Are you feeling orange make up for spring?


  1. Bummer about the eyeshadow, but the rest sounds lovely! I'm so intrigued by their brand, now especially by their lip & cheek tint.

  2. Jaaaa je moet de website es checken, swivel pink looks AMAZING.

  3. ik vind die lippenstift net wel mooi bij u! ook een mooi kleurtje

  4. Ik was ontzettend enthousiast aan het doorscrollen om de artistic nudity te spotten, maar had bij het lezen van je laatste zin door dat het niet om jou ging ;-) Hehehe. Goeie review, Annebeth. (As always, natuurlijk.)

  5. hahaha, sorry dat ik je teleurstel, maar wat niet is kan nog komen! :D

  6. het gaat wel met die cat eye omdat die ALLES redt, maar met mijn gewone zachte oog make up zou ik er een beetje dood uitzien :D

  7. Jij staat zo goed met al die oranje toestanden! *jaloers*