Beauty: Yves Rocher intense kajal review

Hey guys, you might have seen me rock a few colored eyeliner looks over the past few weeks. I have been testing the Yves Rocher 100% intense kajals, and some of the test runs turned out so nice I just had to share them straight away. You can find the post on the blue eyeliner here, and the orange eyeliner here. I've finally had the chance to test all of these thoroughly, so read on if you're curious to find out more :-)

yves rocher intense kajal review and swatches

The kajals have a special shape, twisting up like a lipstick with a very tapered end. The shape is perfect for tightlining in the original Middle Eastern/Indian way: you angle the kajal horizontally towards your eye, place it on the waterline in the inner corner, and then you close your eye and move the kajal to the outer corner. In the process, you line both your upper and lower waterline which gives a very intense result. The downside of this shape is twofold: what happens when you get down to the broad base of the stick? Not very practical. Secondly, the tightlining trick looks gorgous with black or possibly dark brown because you want your upper waterline to match your lashes, making them look longer and thicker. Tightlining the upper waterline in orange or pink, however? I don't see the appeal. This product would be more versatile in a normal, twist-up pencil shape.

yves rocher intense kajal review and swatches

Swatches! From left to right: bleu indigo, feuille d'or, terre de sienne, rose indien, noir carbone, vert de cobalt. As you can see, all of the shades except for the black have a very subtle shimmer in them, and the gold and the green are metallic. Pigmentation-wise, the orange and the black come out on top: both are creamy, delivering a great, saturated result on one swipe. The blue, the pink and the gold show up OK, but they need two swipes. The green is the weakling of the pack, even after three or four swipes the colour remains quite sheer.

Let's see how these work with my eyes.

yves rocher intense kajal review bleu indigo

Bleu indigo shows up nicely on the waterline, and the shade almost leans periwinkle: super pretty, and I imagine it looking gorgeous with pretty much every eye colour. Perfect paired with a smokey eye!

yves rocher intense kajal review feuille d'or

Feuille d'or, used on the waterline and just underneath my lashline. The colour isn't opaque enough to show up as a colour on the waterline, but when your eyes catch the light just right, it gives off a gorgeous sparkle. Discretely glamorous! :-)

yves rocher intense kajal review terre de sienne

Ah, terre de sienne. I had no idea I would love orange eyeliner this much, but paired with a graphic make up look like this cat eye, it looks totally rad. The colour glides on, giving a very bright result on the waterline. I think this would look amazing with blue or grey eyes. Thumbs up!

yves rocher intense kajal review rose indien

Rose indien did not blow me away. The product is more waxy and hard, demanding more work before it gives some colour pay off, and you don't want to be excessively rubbing the sensitive skin around your eyes. On the moving eyelid I used some lipgloss, but what you see on the lower lashline and the waterline is rose indien. The colour has potential, but it's definitely not for everyone because it can make your eye look irritated. Especially when the colour is this sheer: it doesn't look deliberate enough. Would not buy.

yves rocher intense kajal review noir carbone

Noir carbone: YES. This does everything  a good black liner is supposed to do. Great colour pay off, great for tightlining.

yves rocher intense kajal review vert de cobalt

Finally, vert de cobalt. As you can see, it doesn't do much of anything except cling to your lashes. Too bad, because the colour could look gorgeous if the formula wasn't as hard and waxy, and more saturated. A total pass.

The Yves Rocher intense kajals retail at 13,50€, but right now they are on sale online for 6,95€. I can vouch for the orange, black and blue, as well as the gold if you like a subtle sparkly look. I think I'll get the most wear out of the blue and the gold. I would advise you to pass on the pink and the green.

There, I hope you enjoyed my review, and let me know if there are any questions! Which of these is your favourite? :-)


  1. Ik heb de zwarte ng ergens liggen, je kan er serieuze panda-kant mee opgaan, mr dat is net leuk. Zwaar onder de indruk van oranje, knappe look! Doet me denken aan hedendaagse Dior collecties.

  2. De panda look kan idd wel eens leuk zijn :D en de oranje look zou u keimooi staan denk ik, past goed bij uw features!

  3. Die oranje look is awesome! Ik had al veel gehoord van deze Kajals maar nog geen echte review gelezen. Ik zou misschien wel durven gaan voor de zware, want ik heb sowieso nog eens een intens zwart kohl potlood nodig. Misschien is dit dan wel ideaal.
    Je hebt duidelijk veel tijd gestoken in deze post. Goede review!

  4. That orange! Holy crap I love that. This is making me want to rock an orange eye shadow right this second because I don't have orange eyeliner...yet.

    Jamie |

  5. Goede review! Nu vraag ik mij inderdaad ook wel serieus af wat je ermee moet aanvangen op het einde :p
    Naomi, x

  6. eerlijk gezegd maak ik producten quasi nooit helemaal op, dus weet niet of het zelfs zou gebeuren ;D

  7. fijn dat je de review goed vindt! de zwarte kan ik echt aanraden, super creamy :-)

  8. Oeeh echt mooi allemaal buiten die laatste!

  9. ik wel, alle als het een favoriet is! Mijn wenkbrauwpotlood is ondertussen zo kort dat het beschermende dopje er niet meer op past :( ik denk dat die producten gewoon niet gemaakt zijn om op te gebruiken