Lace Slip Dress, Wonders Ankle Boots

wonders ankle boots lace slip dress white purse
wonders ankle boots army green sweater lace slip dress
army green sweater outfit
army green sweater lace slip dress white purse
army green sweater lace slip dress white purse
lace slip dress wonders ankle boots
slip dress wonders shoes

Cropped sweater: c/o Oasap - slip dress, cross body bag: H&M - ankle boots: c/o Wonders shoes

Ah, sunset pictures, much moody, so autumn.

OMG you guyz I bought this stupid lace slip dress like, last winter, in the online H&M sales, but when it finally arrived at my doorstep (forwarded by my Amsterdam dwelling brother, because  H&M does not allow you to e-shop from Belgium) it turned out to be, like, 4 sizes to big. WHAT? Obviously the time to return it had already passed, so I was stuck with this way too big dress that I just could not style in any way that did not look ridic. It only cost me like 14€ to begin with, so no big loss, but I hate waste and clutter taking up space. And I've had recurring sewing machine issues, so I was never able to take it in myself.

And that's where my mom stepped in. Thank god for mothers, right? THANKS MOM, I love this dress now and I will wear it so much even though slip dresses have totally gone out of style again. I'll always love me a bit of 90s kinderwhore goth. In fact, I used to have a dress very similar to this one when I was about 16, and I wore the shit out of it, despite it being stale puke green. That's how much I love slip dresses.

You know what else I love? This pair of perfect basic black ankle boots from Wonders' fall/winter collection. Suuuper comfortable on my narrow, flat feet, and they really go with everything. I even wore them with my Daenerys costume for Halloween. I like how they're slightly menswear inspired and very timeless.

 I've been singing the praises of Wonders shoes ever since I slipped on my pair of rose gold peeptoe pumps for the very first time, and I'm still in love with the brand. They consistently deliver shoes that are comfortable yet elegant, quirky takes on classics, without being "different" in an annoying way. You know what I mean, the type of aesthetic that throws on way too many details to the point that the item just sucks up all the attention instead of making you shine? Yeah, that's not wat Wonders shoes do.

 My favourites of the current collection (apart from these babies) are these brown heeled boots with a subtle croc detail, these low heeled black booties,  and these black/burgundy heeled brogues. Oh, and these pimp shoes, because obvi. All of which are very office appropriate by the way, except maybe for the pimp shoes. And I can vouch for the comfort and quality levels. My Wonders pumps still look like new, even though they've been on my feet for every dressed up occasion since 2013. This is definitely a brand that I'm proud to promote.


  1. ritsen, waarom zijn niet alle ritsen gewoon GOE GERIEF??? :(

  2. Amai, keischoon. Nu ik dit zie wil ik er ook wel vaker zo sexy bijlopen! :-) Die groene trui staat u méga goed btw.

  3. Die trui is zo moooi en slip dresses are forever!

  4. Die foto's, zo schoon! De hele outfit ook eigenlijk ;)
    Naomi, x