Tutorial: Full Kylie Jenner Lips in Two Steps

Recently, I've been totally obsessed with beautifully defined, full lips in a natural colour, and there is only one person to blame for that obsession: Kylie Jenner. I've talked about her gorgeous, perfectly made up face before, but since then I've developed my lip-lining skillz, and I thought you might appreciate some pointers. I've gotten much better at overdrawing my liplines, probably because now I have the proper products. Don't try this with just any lip product, because it simply won't look as good.

Let's move forward, this is the look I'm talking about. Full, luscious, perfect shape, matte.

overdrawn lips lipliner kylie jenner velvet teddy

Looks pretty natural, right? But let me show you the drastic difference made by lining quite a bit outside my natural lipline, because I sure as shit wasn't born with full, luscious lips. Simple step by step tutorial below! Products used: 

- Catrice lipliner Upper Brown Side (used for outlines)
- MAC cosmetics Velvet Teddy lipstick (used to fill in entire lip)

easy tutorial kylie jenner lips velvet teddy

Doesn't need more words than that, does it? Truly simple, only thing you need to do is get used to how drastically it changes your face. For real.

And some last tips, so you don't have to make the same mistakes as I do:

- the blunter the tip of your lipliner, the more realistic the end result. Sharp tips -> sharp lines -> very artificial look.

- don't be intimidated by 90s babes like Pamela Anderson, always referred to as the epitome of trashy make up. True, a very hard dark lipliner against a nude lipstick does not look very subtle. However, when the products are applied correctly, using a lipliner that is just a bit darker than your lipstick looks glam as fuck if you ask me. Judge for yourself. A lot of look, but totally gorgeous for a party (just skip the pencil thin brows, those haven't come around to being trendy again yet).

- DO use a matte lipstick for the end look, because overdrawn + glossy will look very, euhm, blow up doll-ish. Unless you want that look, and in that case: rock it!

don't be afraid of altering the natural shape of your lips. You don't have to follow your natural lipline, you can alter it to your hearts desire. Experiment to see what shape you prefer! And of course: you can make the end result as extreme or as subtle as you like. Usually, I keep it a bit more toned down than I'm showing in this post.

And this is what it looks like, incorporated in a full face of make up.

mac velvet teddy overdrawn lips tutorial

Compare that to my lips with just a bit of gloss, and you'll see the huge difference.

overdrawn lips before after tutorial

Convinced yet? Let me know if you try this for yourself, and if there are questions: shoot!


  1. Wooooaaa, hot mama!! You look beautiful. I would try it too, but I have somewhat crooked teeth and feel that if I apply lipstick I call attention to my funky teeth :*(

  2. Super mooi, maar blijft dat heel de dag zitten?

  3. Als je lipstick draagt, dan is het vooral het middelste stuk dat vervaagt, dichtst bij je mond opening (door eten en drinken). De randen blijven prima zitten. Als je niet over je hele mond gaat wrijven of een dikke make out session houdt, blijft het normaal de hele dag mooi (met na het eten even het midden van je mond bijstiften, maar dat duurt like 2 seconden). En als je een kleur gebruikt die superdicht bij je eigen lippen aanleunt, dan zie je het niet eens als het midden vervaagt. Das ook de number one reason waarom ik dit zo'n fijne look vind: het is heel "af", maar super low maintenance vergeleken met het dragen van felle kleuren lipstick.

  4. aw, I bet your teeth aren't as noticeable as you think they are! Besides, not having perfect teeth can be a really hot signature look. Just think of Vanessa Paradis or Lauren Hutton! Or Jewel, she has the cutest teeth ever.

  5. Dat ziet er easy uit, maar ik ben echt een kluns met lipliner. Maar goed, bij jou ziet het er fantastisch uit, dus ik ga het vanavond eens proberen. Ik heb een girlsdate, dus ik zal onverbloemde feedback krijgen;)

  6. als je langzaam werkt en steeds een beetje "verder" gaat is het redelijk fool proof, veeeeel makkelijker dan cat eyeliner ofzo :D

  7. Je kan ook concealer aanbrengen op je lipline als je nogal gepigmenteerde lippen hebt! Echt heeeel leuk gedaan!

  8. They overdrew my lips for a fashion shoot this summer and the photos shocked me! I like the look, but I don't know if I'm ready to try it for everyday.

  9. ooh, do yiu have pictures? Would love to see it!