Ladylike in Leather and Leopard

outfit leopard leather skirt
outfit leopard leather skirt
leopard blouse quartz necklace lobogato
outfit leopard leather skirt
leather skirt peep toe pumps
outfit leopard blouse
outfit leopard leather skirt

leopard print blouse: Zara - leather a-line skirt: vintage - purse: Emmy Wieleman - pumps: - quartz necklace: Lobogato

Aaaah I'm having my annual Halloween party Friday night, and I'm pretty stoked! I know it's one week too late, but my guests and me are all grown ups with busy schedules, so we decided on this Friday. We're having a potluck style get-together, and we'll play games while dressed up. I'm going as Daenerys Targaryen and my boo will be Khal Drogo and it will be epic (or at least fun, unless DISASTER strikes and someone loses an eye or something).

I actually bought this leather skirt for 3€ to be a part of my Daenerys costume, but then it turned out to fit me pretty perfectly and I was like "HEY, a 3€ leather skirt that's a totally wearable, classic shape!", so I here it is. I went for a very feminine, slightly retro silhouette because the weather was gorgeous, and warm days always make me feel sensual. The colours don't match perfectly, but I feel like it all works anyway, because the leopard print pulls all the neutrals together.

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?


  1. You look gorgeous!
    I'm all for dragging out Halloween as long as possible. Your GOT costume looks awesome on Instagram. I can't wait to see more pictures!