Zign Cleated Platform Boots

vintage striped sweater
outfit striped vintage sweater zign platform boots
zign cleated platform boots outfit
striped vintage sweater
outfit striped vintage sweater zign platform boots
zign cleated platform ankle boots
outfit striped vintage sweater zign platform boots

oversized sweater: vintage - skinnies, cross body bag: H&M - cleated ankle boots: c/o Zign via Zalando
pics by Charlotte

Would you look at that gorgeous, cool november light? I'm glad I was able to catch that magic on camera. I love looking back at my old blog posts from time to time, and the ones where everything works always give me an immense feeling of satisfaction. I did that. I made that. I mean, putting together an outfit post isn't rocket science or anything, but you'd be surprised how much of a learning curve there is between what I do today, and just starting out with your small point and shoot camera and a neutral-ish background somewhere in your house. 

You usually start out with zero knowledge on how lighting works, on what to do with your camera, on how to edit your pictures. I know I did. There are so many small things that go into putting together nice pictures like the one you scroll past in pinterest, and you only learn to appreciate that work when you try to create something similar yourself. And I'm happy when I can put out something that I can be proud of. So I'm happy today!

My cleated platform boots also contribute to that happiness, obviously.

What accomplishment are you proud of? Do share, and take some time to be proud of yourself!


  1. Ge zijt letterlijk de enige blog die ik nog op dagelijkse basis volg sinds ik ben beginnen bloggen. Heb je zien evolueren van feminine vintage retro girl tot cool minimalist chick, ookal heb je jurkjes niet helemaal afgezworen! En ik houd echt van je lipstick kleur! Deze outfit is echt perfect voor een koude novemberdag, great job.


  2. ♡♡♡ lief! Ja de lipstick is weer velvet teddy, i'm obsessssed :D

  3. Wauw, prachtige foto's en outfit!

  4. Dag Annebeth. Ik comment bijna nooit (ik ben zo'n luie blog lezer foei foei). Maar ik vind jouw outfits de laatste tijd helemaal top. Ik was vroeger fan van jouw bloemen-retro look en droeg dat zelf ook heel graag. Ik heb dat een tijd gemist, maar ben nu weer helemaal mee! Doe zo verder dus!