Halloween 2014

So, this year's Halloween part was at least as much fun as the last two years. There's something very grown up about starting your own annual traditions, and it makes a friend group feel a bit more like family. Too bad some of my favourite people could not make it this time, but there will always be next year!

Our theme was "fairy tales", but because all of us are busy people, we allowed for some leeway. Characters from books, movies or tv-shows ended up being the inspiration for most of our costumes.


- Princess Peach
- Maleficent
- Sweeney Todd
- The Log Lady
- a very questionable Agent Cooper
- Puss in Boots
- random Walking Dead zombie
- Khal Drogo
- Daenerys Targaryen

A colorful bunch, but they sure did hit it off!

On the menu were some pinterest recipes (check out the options I collected beforehand here if you're interested!) which we divided among each other so none of us would have to do all the heavy lifting. Potlucks are where it's at if you're a busy person who wants to throw a party. Decorations-wise, we kept it simple, mostly paper garlands and loads of candles. Both of which are cheap and pack a lot of punch.

So, Halloweenparties for people with little free time and not a lot of money to spend: go with potluck menus, paper garlands and loads of candles. Oh, and wine.

Time for the pictures!

braided daenerys targaryen wig
halloween costume  maleficent daenerys targaryen princess peach
daenerys targaryen costume halloween
easy khal drogo daenerys targaryen costume

I wanted to be Cersei at first, but her costume is way too elaborate to imitate without spending mucho money, so I went for Daenerys. Dragon is a toy belonging to my boyfriend's kids, choker is from & Other Stories, wig is from amazon but styled by moi (AMAZING quality for the price, find it here), dress is from Ebay. I layered the dress over a COS dress I'm wearing as a skirt here. The dark colourscheme isn't very Dany, but the outfit is still her style. I made my eyebrows lighter by working foundation into the hairs, and then I redrew them with a light brown-grey eyeshadow. Boyfriend's costume was compiled from several thriftstore finds. We forgot his armguards, but he still looked awesome in his Khal Drogo-goes-glamrock get up.

Especially when he added one of my faux fur jackets.

princess peach halloween costume
halloween decorations candles in bottles
maleficent costume halloween

CU NEXT YEAR (and check out Sabina's and Vicky's blogs here)


  1. Ah, everyone looks so fantastic! I love that you and your man are Dany and Khal. I was so sad when he died, man. But this looks like you had so much fun! I really wanted to do a Halloween party this year, but nobody was able to come on the day we had hoped to plan it, so... no party. Maybe next year.

  2. Aw that sucks! We had to change the date as well because it was hard for people to make it :)

  3. hahaha wat een vrolijke bende! Echt wel leuk uw 'koppel'-outfit ;) Maleficent vind ik ook prachtig goed gelukt

  4. Oh my god you look AMAZING. Seriously, the wig and your makeup and that necklace, it's perfect. And I love that someone was the log lady and Maleficent and Peach look awesome, ugh great job.


  5. how about that sweeney todd! The dude had all of those clothes hanging in his closet already! :D

  6. He's a real inspiration. And I am super down for Sweeney Todd with a sleeve.