Biker Jacket, Wrap Dress, Biker Boots

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biker jacket outfit
lobogato hexagon necklacequilted biker boots clarks shoes
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wrap dress zara quilted biker boots
wrap dress zara quilted biker boots
biker jacket outfit white cross body bag

biker jacket: - wrap dress: Zara - cross body bag: H&M - hexagon necklace: Lobogato - biker boots: Clarks - watch: Zadig & Voltaire - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti
pictures and editing by Paulien

I'm posting more pictures than usual today, but look at how gorgeous these shots are! All thanks to Paulien of course. Well, Paulien and the beautiful, cool winter evening light. I'm super jeally of Paulien's equipment (and skillz!) because seriously, these pics are just on a whole 'nother level compared to my usual outfit shots. And now I really, really want a pancake lense for Christmas.

The outfit is simple, but in a good way, you know? Everything works together nicely, the dress is super flattering, and I just can't get over these biker boots. I had no idea I had a biker boot shaped hole in my heart (and closet) until I received these babies, and I've been wearing them almost every other day since. You know why biker boots rock? Because you can just pull em on without having to muck around with zippers, shoelaces or velcro. Simple as that. They're the flipflops of winter.

PS: I'm standing on the Hendrik Conscienceplein in Antwerp, and just behind me is Simply Emily, a place where you can get truly spectacular soup and quiche. Great lunch spot, so drop by if you're ever in the neighbourhood. Just try to look at this tomato-spinach-ravioli soup I had there without drooling.


  1. These shots are beautiful! It looks so lovely there.
    Your hair is so healthy, howww do you do it?


  2. uhmmmm I wash it about once a week, use lots of dry shampoo in between, and I use a shampoo without silicones. That's all I've got! :D

  3. Everyone loves Paulien('s lens)! Pretty pictures indeed.

  4. zo zie je maar hoeveel verschil een goeie fotograaf en fotospullen maken! :D thanks!

  5. WHUT?! These pictures are ridiculously gorgeous :O